Projectmates Expands Global Reach with Multilingual and Multi-currency Capabilities

New software offerings in Projectmates improve user accessibility.

Richardson, Texas, Sept. 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Projectmates, part of Hexagon, is proud to announce the introduction of multilingual and multi-currency capabilities in its construction project and program management software. This significant milestone marks the company's commitment to serving a diverse user base across the globe, enabling improved communication and an enhanced user experience.

As the construction industry rapidly evolves and globalization continues to expand, it is essential for companies to offer localized solutions. Recognizing this need, the Projectmates team has invested significant resources in developing comprehensive multilingual and multi-currency support within its application. This ensures users worldwide can seamlessly navigate and engage with the software in their preferred language and currency.

The recently introduced multilingual support feature encompasses a wide array of languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German, with plans to include more languages in future releases. By providing an extensive language range, Projectmates empowers users to comfortably interact with the software, regardless of their language preferences. Furthermore, the inclusion of multi-currency support allows clients to choose their preferred currency for conducting business.

"Our goal is always to deliver innovative and Owner-centric solutions that meet the needs of our clients," said Varsha Bhave, Projectmates President and CTO. "The introduction of multilingual and multi-currency support in our application aligns well with this vision. We firmly believe that language should never be a barrier to accessing and benefitting from our software. By offering these localized options, we’re ensuring our users can fully leverage the power of Projectmates, regardless of what language they speak or what currency they use."

The availability of multilingual and multi-currency support is immediate and accessible to all Projectmates users. For more information on Projectmates, please visit

About Projectmates
Projectmates, part of Hexagon, is an owner-focused, SaaS-based enterprise construction project management software provider. Projectmates’ configurable and centralized platform enables owners to keep all project documents and data within a construction program up to date in one, easily accessible location — from the planning stages through closeout and handover to the facilities team. With powerful reporting and a concise view of an entire project portfolio, owners can improve communication and collaboration with architects, engineers, and contractors to streamline workflows, control costs, and deliver projects faster.

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Projectmates fosters a seamless user experience by ensuring that clients can interact with the software in their preferred language and make transactions in their native currency.

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