castLabs and Wowza strengthen live streaming security through key rotation

castLabs’ DRMtoday plug-in newest release on Wowza Streaming Engine software now supports single and multi-key rotation for live streaming, a best practice for securing valuable and monetized content

BERLIN and DENVER, Sept. 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leading digital video technology providers castLabs and Wowza have proudly extended their partnership through a revamped DRMtoday plug-in for the Wowza Stream Engine software, introducing single and multi-key rotation for live HLS and DASH streams. This strategic release reaffirms castLabs and Wowza's shared dedication to pushing the limits of streaming security and empowering customers to elevate their content security standards.

Key rotation allows for automatically replacing encryption keys at regular intervals during content playback, minimizing the risk of key compromise and unauthorized content access. The new plug-in release unlocks single and multi-key rotation for live use cases, offering content providers the ability to employ different encryption keys for various content representations and periodically rotate them. This includes distinct keys for separate video qualities like SD, HD, and UHD/4K, as well as for distinct audio tracks.

“Our collaboration with castLabs sets a new standard for content security, further empowering live HLS and DASH streams,” said Barry Owen, Chief Solutions Architect at Wowza. “Through Wowza’s unparalleled extensibility and transcoding prowess coupled with castLabs’ cutting-edge rotation and multi-key content protection, we strengthen the shield around your streaming assets, ensuring your audience experiences uncompromised content in a world of evolving threats.”

The updated DRMtoday plug-in will soon be seamlessly integrated into the Wowza Streaming Engine software, offering users a streamlined deployment experience. Additionally, new documentation will be readily accessible on Wowza's website. This marks a significant milestone in the plug-in's ongoing development, with upcoming features including single and multi-key rotation for video-on-demand (VOD).

"We are thrilled to unveil this milestone with our partners at Wowza," stated Christophe Kind, Head of Global Partnerships and Market Development at castLabs. "The results of our joint efforts reflect our unwavering commitment to meet the evolving security demands of the industry. We look forward to empowering Wowza’s customers with enhanced flexibility and simplicity in safeguarding their content, as we continue to drive innovation in the streaming ecosystem."

If you're interested in learning more and experiencing a live demonstration, castLabs and Wowza will be available at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam at booths #5.G55 and #4.A14, respectively. The live demonstration will showcase the new DRMtoday plugin integration, featuring single and multi-key rotation for live use cases.

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Sydney Roy
Marketing Communications Specialist