SeedBlink joins forces with Promocrat to enhance startups' investment readiness with educational resource

  • A whitepaper with 53 valuable insights for startups draws inspiration from 6,000 entrepreneurs' experiences on SeedBlink.
  • Industry leaders highlight Europe's tech growth and the changing dynamics of startup fundraising.
  • SeedBlink successfully co-invested in more than 100 tech startups from over 15 countries, such as Dronamics, FlowX, DRUID, Alcatraz AI, Hunch, and more.

BUCHAREST, Romania, Sept. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SeedBlink announces a new partnership with the esteemed Promocrat growth marketing agency. A collective endeavor focused on founder education and preparing startups for investment readiness, this collaboration aims to equip founders with an expansive wealth of free and insightful materials on topics such as financing, employee incentive plans such as ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans), marketing, and fostering transparent founder-investor relations.

The findings made by SeedBlink after nearly 6,000 European entrepreneurs competed for successful funding on SeedBlink inspired this collaborative project. A detailed whitepaper presents the consolidated core of these experiences, particularly from the elite 2% who passed the selection and met their fundraising goals. This document lays out a clear roadmap with 53 tried-and-true ideas for transforming hopeful businesses into efficient investment magnets.

"Europe is poised for a technological renaissance," says Andrei Dudoiu, co-founder and Managing Partner of SeedBlink. "Disseminating the knowledge we've accumulated becomes an essential duty for us to step up and compete with global competitors. Our prior experiences, triumphs and failures alike, have taught us principles that can help emerging entrepreneurs accelerate their growth. Nimity, our equity management solution, and our educational arm in development with Promocrat are all part of this commitment."

The whitepaper (downloadable here) delves into crucial subjects for new and experienced entrepreneurs. It begins with "Fundamentals of a Top-Notch Business," which serves as a solid basis. The following chapter deciphers "What Investors Want," providing readers with insight into investor needs. The third chapter focuses on honing one's "Fundraising Arsenal," which ensures startups have the necessary tools and techniques. "Rock Your Marketing" is the fourth chapter, emphasizing the significance of effective marketing methods. Finally, "Post-Funding Best Practices" ensure that businesses keep momentum and prosper after receiving financing.

The CEO of SeedBlink, Carmen Sebe, emphasizes the symbiotic nature of the founder-investor relationship, saying, "Anticipation steers success in startups. Equity is more than just shares; it embodies the soul of the venture. Making wise first decisions paves the way for an innovative future."

Alexandru Gavril, founder and CEO of Promocrat, emphasizes the changing nature of fundraising, stating that "fundraising is now less about mastering a single dance move and more about embracing the entirety of a festival, signifying community-driven growth."

The two teams join forces on September 26, 3 PM CET, for a live webinar and Q&A where they will break down the whitepaper alongside key opinion leaders. Founders and investors interested can register for free here.

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For a decade, ▲promocrat has established itself as the go-to agency for startups and progressive tech companies. Venturing beyond the tech realm, their expertise has influenced sectors like Banking, Insurance, Retail, and FMCG.

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