Nordic Naturals Expands Retail Presence with Exclusive Omega-3 Supplement Offerings Coming to Sam’s Club Stores in October

WATSONVILLE, Calif., Sept. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nordic Naturals, a leading provider of premium omega-3 supplements, is excited to announce a new partnership that will bring their renowned Ultimate Omega and Algae Omega supplements to Sam’s Club stores nationwide, starting this October. This collaboration marks another significant stride in Nordic Naturals’ vision of making high-quality omega-3 supplements more accessible and affordable to a wider range of individuals, and supporting their journey toward optimal health.

"This is an important step for us to join forces with Sam’s Club stores and provide their shoppers with our premium high-quality omega-3 supplements," said Brian Terry, director of U.S. retail sales for Nordic Naturals. "This partnership not only expands our retail footprint, but also aligns perfectly with our mission to make quality omega-3 supplements more accessible and affordable."

Sam’s Club, a membership warehouse club that offers its members quality products at an exceptional value unmatched by traditional retail, will offer exclusive bulk sizes of two of Nordic Naturals’ top-selling omega-3 supplements through this new partnership:

Ultimate Omega stands as the cornerstone of Nordic Naturals’ commitment to excellence. With 1,280 mg of total omega-3s in soft gels, Ultimate Omega is sourced from wild-caught sardines and anchovies. These supplements feature a fresh lemon taste that sets them apart from other omega-3 supplements that leave a fishy aftertaste. With more than 10 industry awards, including Delicious Living's Best Omega-3, Ultimate Omega is the No. 1 ranked omega-3 formula in the United States according to ClearCut, Nielsen, and SPINS, providing essential support for heart, brain, and overall wellness.

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Sams Club

Algae Omega, the vegetarian and vegan-friendly option, offers a clear choice for consumers who practice a plant-based lifestyle to meet their daily omega-3 EPA+DHA requirements. With 715 mg of total omega-3s, Algae Omega is a standout in the vegetarian supplement landscape. Crafted from sustainably-sourced microalgae – the original marine omega-3 source – Algae Omega contributes to normal vision, and healthy immunity, heart and brain health. The supplement is also certified 100% vegetarian by the American Vegetarian Association, while being non-GMO and hexane free.

Nordic Naturals Algae Omega Sams Club

Every cell in the body relies on omega-3 fatty acids to function optimally, and efficiently absorb vital nutrients. Nordic Naturals’ commitment to high-quality omega-3 supplements from fish oil and marine algae oil signifies the essential first step toward supporting overall health, regardless of other supplementation. With the forthcoming availability of Ultimate Omega and Algae Omega in Sam’s Club stores, more consumers will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of these supplements firsthand.

"As we continue to expand into new retail avenues, our focus remains on delivering products that empower individuals to take charge of their health," said Terry. "We are confident that this collaboration with Sam’s Club stores will enable us to reach a wider audience, sharing the transformative benefits of omega-3 supplementation."

Nordic Naturals’ Ultimate Omega and Algae Omega supplements will be available exclusively in Sam’s Club stores, with the Ultimate Omega size of 100 count and Algae Omega size of 80 count, starting in October. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, and accessibility, Nordic Naturals continues to set industry standards for excellence in omega-3 supplementation. For more information, visit

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