Unique benefit plan leverages Secure 2.0

Portland, Oregon, Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon, has chosen Fiducius to assist its workforce of more than 18,000 employees. Fiducius will provide expert advisors, unique technology, and a comprehensive approach to support employees in navigating their student loan journey. This benefit offering aims to ensure that employees can make informed decisions and follow the appropriate path for managing their student loans effectively.

Student debt in America has reached staggering levels, with outstanding loans exceeding $1.7 trillion. Over 45 million Americans are burdened with student loan debt, impacting graduates from various educational backgrounds. Student loan debt can have long-term financial consequences, hindering individuals from buying homes or saving for retirement. Policymakers and advocates continue to explore solutions to address the ongoing student debt crisis and its broader implications on the economy and society.
Fiducius' SLVerify, will provide a full-picture approach and help employees save for retirement. Secure 2.0 aims to assist employees in creating a solid student loan management strategy tailored to their individual financial circumstances while continuing to build for retirement. OHSU will combine Fiducius’ SLVerify and Enterprise benefit
to create an integrated benefit that merges Student Loan Financial Planning℠ with digital enrollment, aiming to maximize various pathways for borrowers including Public Service Loan Forgiveness, Fresh Start, SAVE, and many other pathways.

“We are pleased to add these tools to our employee benefits package,” said Dominica Thompson, OHSU Director, HR Benefits & Wellness.
In addition to adding SLVerify and Enterprise, OHSU employees will have the convenience of automatic completion and submission of their employment certification forms through Fiducius' NOVA platform. This feature streamlines the process by verifying and certifying their public service employment for loan forgiveness programs. By utilizing the NOVA platform, employees can efficiently track and manage their progress toward meeting the requirements for loan forgiveness based on their eligible employment status at OHSU.

"Oregon Health & Science University has put in place a fantastic and innovative student loan benefit,” said Ross Weintraub, Fiducius Director, Business Development. “They are taking advantage of everything they can to help employees. This includes Secure 2.0 and all the other major changes announced this year including the Biden Save repayment plan.”

About Fiducius

Providing student loan and education assistance benefits since 2011, Fiducius enables employers to achieve recruiting, retention, and productivity goals, while empowering employees to achieve financial wellness. Fiducius offers a complete range of voluntary and employer sponsored benefits, including Loan Relief, Loan Contribution, and Tuition Reimbursement. Its proprietary Student Loan Financial Planning service combines expert Advisors and advanced technology to ensure all employees can move forward with the best option for their unique situations. Fiducius has worked with more than 2,500 employers, including 125 healthcare systems, hospitals, and providers. For more information, visit: www.getfiducius.com


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