ZoomerMedia Limited Announces Acquisition of Digital Marketing Agency TitusOne Inc.

TORONTO, Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Moses Znaimer, ZoomerMedia Limited Founder and CEO, announces the acquisition of the digital marketing agency TitusOne Inc., including its software IP Hosted Video Platform. TitusOne specializes in growing digital audiences, magazine subscribers, television viewers, radio listeners, and CARP members through search, social media, and creative content strategies.

The aggregate purchase price of $1.42 million is comprised of cash and a promissory note. TitusOne Founder Dustin Titus will continue as President of TitusOne and also become ZoomerMedia’s Chief Digital Officer, a position currently held by Omri Tintpulver who is ZoomerMedia’s Chief Operating Officer. TitusOne will become a division of ZoomerMedia Limited.

Said Moses: “I’ve long held the view that when it comes to key functions “in house” talent is better than outsourcing, with very few exceptions. With our recent acquisitions of blogTO, DailyHive, Ludwig-Van.com, and The Peak, plus EverythingZoomer.com, our digital revenues have increased from $2M to $24M, and the size of our digital audience is now unmatched in Canada. As we continue to grow this audience, as well as those of our existing television, radio and print properties, it became clear that digital marketing should be one of ZoomerMedia’s core competencies, not only for our own brands, but also for our various clients.”

Said Dustin Titus, Founder and President, TitusOne: “Seven years ago, titus/one embarked on a partnership with Zoomer Magazine and CARP to grow their subscriber and membership bases. Since then, we’ve helped craft digital strategies for VisionTV, ONETV, The New Classical FM and Zoomer Radio. I’ve long respected Moses as a media entrepreneur and innovator, and I’ve become a big fan of his brands. I was especially excited by Moses’ recent aggressive digital expansion, so when he approached me with the idea to acquire titus/one, I knew that it was the right opportunity. I believe in ZoomerMedia’s new direction and the future of the company.”

About ZoomerMedia Limited

Founded by television and media icon Moses Znaimer in 2008, ZoomerMedia Limited is a multimedia company devoted to creating content, services and experiences for Canada's most powerful audiences: the 17.2 million people aged 45-plus, aka "Zoomers"; and the now, 13.7 million Millennials and Gen Zs, coincidentally also called "Zoomers", who follow in their footsteps.

ZoomerMedia operates 5 TV, 2 Radio, 3 Print, and 17 Digital properties including the newly acquired youth-friendly local news and lifestyle digital publications blogTO and DailyHive; and the subject specific The Peak and Ludwig-Van.com covering Canada’s business and Canada’s arts scene respectively.
ZoomerMedia produces original TV, Radio, Print, and Podcast content, offers clients creative audio and video production services, and customized events on site at its 2.6-acre complex in Toronto's Liberty Village.

For specific ZoomerMedia property names and focus, please see below.

ZoomerMedia's Television properties include: VisionTV, available in 7.5 million households nationwide, is Canada's home for British comedy and drama series, plus uplifting movies, music, news and current affairs with a Zoomer focus, and multicultural and multilingual faith programming; ONETV: The Exercise & Entertainment Channel, combines original yoga, pilates, tai chi, and cardio dance and kettlebell fitness series with British serial soaps, dramas and American movies; JoyTV in Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey and the Fraser Valley, and FAITH TV in Winnipeg are devoted to broadcasting Christian, multi-faith, and local content.

ZoomerMedia's Zoomer Digital Network (ZDN): reaching 18.5 million monthly active users with over a billion annual pageviews and social media engagements. ZDN comprises: DailyHive, dailyhive.com in Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec, and The Maritimes, is one of Canada’s most followed news brands with over 10 million monthly active users, over 270 million annual page views, and 3.1 million followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (X), TikTok, and LinkedIn; blogTO, blogto.com, Toronto's unrivalled local publisher across digital and social media platforms, brings in 8 million monthly active users, and over 213 million page views annually; Zoomer Magazine's EverythingZoomer.com, Canada's leading provider of online content targeting the 45-plus; The Peak readthepeak.com, serves 150,000 Canadian professionals and business leaders with the top global business, finance, and tech stories of the day packaged in smart, fast, and easily digestible formats; and Ludwig Van, Ludwig-Van.com, Canada’s leading and fastest growing digital voice for the latest classical, opera, chamber and choral music headlines, reviews, comments and personality driven features and interviews.

ZoomerMedia's Radio properties include: The New Classical FM, Canada's only commercial all classical music radio station, broadcasting over three frequencies in a unique regional Ontario network: 96.3FM CFMZ-FM Toronto (GTA), 103.1FM CFMX-FM Cobourg (Eastern Ontario), and 102.9FM CFMO-FM Collingwood (Southern Georgian Bay); and Zoomer Radio, The Original Greatest Hits, which boasts the biggest broadcast footprint in Canada, reaching several northeastern American States, and broadcasting simultaneously both in AM and FM in Toronto (740AM CFZM-AM and 96.7FM CFZM-FM Downtown Toronto).

ZoomerMedia's Print properties include: ZOOMER Magazine, the Company's flagship magazine and Canada's largest paid circulation magazine now read by over 2.2 million readers per issue (Vividata); On The Bay Magazine, the dominant regional lifestyle magazine published quarterly for the 20 towns and villages of Ontario's Southern Georgian Bay; and Tonic Magazine, a regional health and wellness magazine distributed across the City of Toronto.

For further information, please contact:

Terence Chan
Chief Financial Officer
ZoomerMedia Limited
+1 416-607-7704
Leanne Wright
Vice President Communications
ZoomerMedia Limited
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