Bright Mountain Media, Inc’s Wholly Owned Subsidiary, Wild Sky Media, Launches MomLife Community To Provide Brands Power To Cultivate The Ultimate Influencer… The Power Of Moms

Moms Wield An Astounding $2 Trillion In Spending Power And Hold Sway Over More Than 85% Of Household Purchase Decisions. The MomLife panel gives brands unparalleled access to moms across the US.

Boca Raton, FL, Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bright Mountain Media, Inc. (OTCQB: BMTM) (“Bright Mountain” or the “Company”), a global holding company with current investments in digital publishing, advertising technology, consumer insights, and creative media services, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Wild Sky Media a mission-driven publishing company devoted to elevating and cultivating the power of moms, today announced the launch of MomLife, a community of diverse and engaged moms eager to share their experiences and perspectives. MomLife, a panel created, powered and managed by Big Village Insights, provides brands with unparalleled access to the motivations and intentions of the person most responsible for the products that make it into the home, the household media consumed, and what the house spends their time and money on. 

MomLife will give brands direct access to the ultimate influencer: Mom

Moms wield an astounding $2 trillion in spending power and hold sway over more than 85% of household purchase decisions. With MomLife, Wild Sky Media is giving brands the opportunity to tap into this powerful demographic and gain insights that will help them better understand and serve their customers.

MomLife is an always-on panel of moms who are actively engaging with the Big Village team, each other, and clients around topics related to money, career, child-raising, aging parents, health & wellness, shopping, passions, lifestyles, and more. 

"We are thrilled to launch MomLife and provide brands with the opportunity to gain insights from the most influential consumer in the household," said Bright Mountain Media CEO, Matt Drinkwater. "MomLife utilizes our unique power to combine insights and community to help brands better understand the needs and wants of moms and their families, and ultimately create product and services that meet their needs." 

MomLife is a private, secure community of moms who are eager to share their experiences and perspectives. Members of the community will be invited to participate in surveys, polls, and other activities that will help brands gain insights into the motivations and intentions of moms. In the first study, many moms revealed that finding gender-neutral options was a major pain point as a consumer; showing real time effects of societies evolution. 

Big Village Insights is committed to providing brands with the insights they need to better understand and serve their customers. Through its partnership with Wild Sky Media, an authority on moms and motherhood, brands will have access to the most influential consumer in the household and gain insights that will help them create products and services that meet the needs of moms and their families.

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