Huntkey Receives Acclaim for Its Visionary Low-Carbon Strategies in the Electronics Industry

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an era where environmental issues are becoming increasingly severe, Shenzhen Huntkey Electric Co., Ltd., a pioneering brand in the electronics industry, has consistently upheld a firm commitment to low-carbon practices. With a profound focus on sustainable development, the company's innovative efforts have garnered acclaim and established a new benchmark for eco-friendly power solutions.

Huntkey's low-carbon strategies exemplify its forward-thinking approach. From product manufacturing, research and development, and testing to packaging, Huntkey's low-carbon practices encompass the entire product lifecycle. Regarding packaging materials, Huntkey strictly controls substances like lead, mercury, and hexavalent cadmium that pose risks to human health and the environment. The raw materials and components used are in compliance with RoHS environmental certification, and excessive packaging is minimized to ensure sustainability.

In terms of functionality, Huntkey's intelligent power strip SST307 incorporates USB charging ports, addressing the issue of redundant charging functionalities. Other sockets from Huntkey, such as SSH608, SSH601-2, and SSH504, feature protection against electric shock, overheating, overcharging, overcurrent, and overload. These safeguards effectively prolong the lifespan of the devices, ensuring the safety of both the electronics and the power strips.

Huntkey's pioneering efforts have garnered widespread attention, earning multiple prestigious awards in the field of sustainable development. For instance, Huntkey was selected for the 2022 Green Manufacturing List by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and was honored with the seventh batch of Green Product accolades. This signifies Huntkey's alignment with the "dual-carbon" objectives, taking a firm step toward promoting industrial green, low-carbon circular transformation and development.

Huntkey leads the electronics industry towards a green future through comprehensive low-carbon strategies, impressive award achievements, and innovative products. The company is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions while delivering cutting-edge electronic products, sending a clear message: environmental responsibility and technological advancement can progress hand in hand.

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Huntkey is a high-tech enterprise headquartered in Shenzhen, China, specializing in researching and producing a wide range of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly power supply products. Huntkey has always been committed to providing users with green and eco-friendly power solutions through technological innovation, and it holds a leading position in China's low-carbon and environmental technology sector.

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