Simfoni Wins Medal at the 2023 Stevie® Awards Gala for Innovative "Future Fit Leaders" Career Advancement Initiative

Recognizing Simfoni's Dedication to Talent Investment and Visionary Leadership in Driving Organizational Triumph

San Francisco, CA, Sept. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Simfoni, a leading global provider of spend management solutions, proudly accepted the bronze medal at the 2023 Stevie Awards Gala, an event that recognizes the world’s best employers and the human resources professionals, teams, achievements and HR-related products and suppliers who help to create and drive great places to work. 

The recognition was conferred upon Simfoni in the category of "Best Leadership Development Program." The award was presented in honor of their groundbreaking "Future Fit Leaders" initiative, a transformational career development and advancement endeavor spearheaded by Simfoni's Chief People Officer, Chrisna Vergottini-Mason. This noteworthy achievement was celebrated with the presence of two distinguished program participants, Jen Andretta and Allison Glowacki, who graciously accepted the award on behalf of Simfoni and Vergottini-Mason. 

Simfoni's Future Fit Leaders program transcends the ordinary realm of leadership development by redefining leadership's essence in today's dynamic business arena. At its core, the program hinges on the premise that future leaders must possess a distinctive skill set, characterized by adaptability, curiosity, empathy, and resilience, to excel in an ever-evolving professional landscape. 

Guided by Chrisna Vergottini-Mason's astute leadership, this program is meticulously crafted to instill these vital attributes within emerging leaders. Her unwavering commitment to nurturing talent within the organization has been the driving force behind the program's success. 

“We want to make sure that every individual holds a belief that they can develop their career at Simfoni,” said Vergottini-Mason. “And alongside that, we create clear goals and success measures for individuals to understand what success looks like in their current role, and we create a picture of where Simfoni is headed and align that with employees’ career plans. Our Future Fit Leaders are either high performing individuals, or less experienced managers who have just taken on [management of] a team. Through this program we champion and invest in them so that as the company grows, they are then fully equipped and confident to take on greater leadership roles as we scale.” 

The presence of two outstanding Future Fit Leader participants at the gala, Jen Andretta, Director of Sales, and Allison Glowacki, Controller, exemplifies Simfoni's commitment to nurturing leadership talent across all organizational departments. 

Beyond personal and professional growth, the program underscores the imperative of cultivating a culture of curiosity within the organization. As mandated by Simfoni’s senior leadership team, Simfoni’s leaders are role models within the organization, and the program is steadfastly aligned with fostering an environment where innovation, adaptability, and diversity are celebrated. 

"Many of our leaders oversee teams transcending geographical boundaries. They often lead individuals from diverse backgrounds, speaking different languages. Ensuring that we foster human, one-to-one interactions and psychological safety in this context is paramount for us. We aim to create an environment where every employee approaches conversations with curiosity, fostering empathy," explained Vergottini-Mason. 

With its award-winning Future Fit Leaders program, Simfoni is poised for continued success and innovation, setting a remarkable benchmark in the arena of leadership development within the corporate world. 

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