High School Inc. Academies Foundation Welcomes Felix Lugo, HSI’s New Executive Director

Felix Lugo

SANTA ANA, Calif., Sept. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- High School Inc. Academies Foundation is proud to announce its newly appointed Executive Director, Felix Lugo. A visionary leader, Felix has a sterling track record of more than 15 years in both public and private middle and high school education. With a dynamic background encompassing such diverse domains as student life, community service, internships, enrollment, marketing, fundraising, and residential programs, Felix brings a wealth of expertise that promises to shape the future of High School Inc. and redefine educational excellence.

Throughout his career, Felix has not only led various administrative departments but has also been a driving force in establishing entire educational institutions from the ground up. His innovative contributions have extended far beyond individual schools, as he has played a crucial role in enhancing staff development and significantly boosting student enrollment in high schools across the United States.

Felix's visionary approach is perhaps best demonstrated in his crowning achievements: the foundation of three international boarding schools across the U.S., in California, New York and Maryland. These prestigious institutions collectively generate an annual revenue exceeding $5 million dollars, showcasing Felix's acumen in both educational leadership and financial management. In addition, he possesses a global outlook and multicultural expertise that have enriched the educational experiences of students from over 50 countries.

Felix's educational journey is underscored by his commitment to personal growth and development. He holds a master's degree in management from Warner University and a bachelor's degree in health services administration from Monroe College. Eager to stay at the forefront of educational innovation, Felix has pursued additional training at esteemed institutions including Rockhurst University, Love & Logic Institute, The Association of Boarding Schools and Cross-Country Education.

As High School Inc.'s new Executive Director, Felix Lugo is set to steer HSI toward new heights of excellence. His transformative leadership, global perspective, and dedication to creating a vibrant and inclusive learning environment make him an invaluable asset to the community. Join us in welcoming Felix as he embarks on a journey of innovation, growth, and unparalleled educational impact.

For more information about High School Inc., visit www.highschoolinc.org.

About High School Inc.
High School Inc. is a partnership between the Santa Ana Unified School District, the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, and the High School Inc. Foundation Board. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, HSI is committed to empowering youth and strengthening communities through education and business partnerships. There are currently six High School Inc. Academies at Valley High School in Santa Ana, CA. The CHANGE academies include Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation and Logistics, New Media, Global Business, and Engineering and Computer Science.

HSI Academy teachers at Valley High School work side-by-side and in close collaboration with business partners and mentors to help students uncover their college and career interests and develop plans to help them reach post-graduation goals. HSI Academy students graduate at an accelerated rate and receive a higher percentage of internships. Students also demonstrate more confidence and clarity in college and career goals, and businesses report increased productivity.

If you are inspired by High School Inc. at Valley High School and would like more information regarding our award-winning CHANGE Academies, please contact Felix Lugo, Executive Director, at felix@highschoolinc.org.

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