Feldspar and Nepheline Syenite Market revenue to hit USD 7 Billion by 2033, says Research Nester

Leading feldspar and nepheline syenite market players include SCR-Sibelco NV, I-Minerals Inc., The QUARTZ Corp., Covia Holdings LLC, Anglo Pacific Minerals (APM), Imerys, Pacer Minerals, LLC, ArrMaz Products Inc., Minerali Industriali S.r.l., and FINETON Industrial Minerals Limited.

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New York, Sept. 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global feldspar and nepheline syenite market size is predicted to grow at a CAGR of over ~6% from 2023 to 2033. The market is projected to garner a revenue of USD 7 billion by the end of 2033, up from a revenue of ~USD 5 billion in the year 2022.The growth of the market can majorly be attributed to the increasing usage of the product as a flux agent in manufacturing glass and ceramic products, supported by the rising glass and ceramic industry across the globe. For instance, the Europe region manufactured around 40 million tons of glass and glass products in 2021, which is roughly 6% higher than the glass production volume in 2020, and in the same year, the ceramic industries in the region valued more than 29.5 billion and accounted for about 24.8% global ceramic production. Further, feldspar is a key ingredient in glass manufacturing by acting as a flux agent. It helps in lowering the melting point of quartz and thereby giving the required viscosity to the glass.

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On the other hand, owing to unique nepheline syenite composition they are widely used in ceramic manufacturing by providing silica-free high alumina. In addition to this, the feldspar and nepheline syenite market is also predicted to gain lucrative growth opportunities over the forecast period on account of the rising usage of ceramic and glass in various end-use industries including paper, automotive, construction, paint, plastic, and rubber industries, supported by the expanding industrialization across the world. It was noted that in the last two decades, India's industrial production increased by an average of about 6 percent, hitting an all-time high of nearly 134 percent in April 2021.

Growing Construction Sector and Rising Urbanization to Boost Market Growth

The growth of the feldspar and nepheline syenite market can also be attributed to the growing construction sector and the increasing investment in construction industries by the various key players in the market and governments across the globe. Further, given the fact that glass and ceramic products are the major materials in any construction facility and feldspar and nepheline syenite are widely employed in producing glass and ceramic, the market is predicted to grow tremendously over the upcoming years. Moreover, the growth is backed by the rising construction of new buildings owing to increasing urbanization and old building restoration. It was found that in December 2021, there were reportedly 174,880 new construction units started in the USA, a 35% increase from the previous year, and nearly 175,390 new homes were finished in the same year, which is around 19% more than the last year. Additionally, when making ceramic tiles and sanitary items, including premium bathroom fixtures, urinals, and sink fittings, nepheline syenite is used as a fluxing agent as it’s a good source of alkalis and alumina, which help manage the temperature of ceramic wares. Therefore, the feldspar & nepheline syenite market is predicted to grow over the course of the forecast period, owing to rising demand for high-quality and cost-efficient sanitary ware items among the population. For instance, one of the market leaders in sanitary ware items, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd., has announced a growth of more than 52% in their sales volume for the year 2021.

Feldspar and Nepheline Syenite Market: Regional Overview

The market is segmented into five major regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa region. 

Rising Import and Export of Ceramic and Glass Wares to Drive Growth in the Asia-Pacific Region

The feldspar and nepheline syenite market in the Asia Pacific region is estimated to garner the largest revenue by the end of 2033. The growth of the market can be attributed to the growing industrialization as well as the rising import and export of various commodities in the region, mainly glass and ceramic wares. For instance, China boosted its exports of ceramic goods from 230 billion USD in July 2022 to 236 billion USD in August 2022. Furthermore, the growing urbanization in the region is estimated to propel the construction sector and usage of glass and ceramic wares in the region, as with the growth in the population, demand for houses, offices, entertainment venues, and other general commercial and non-commercial buildings is predicted to rise, and the majority of the products in the construction industry employ the usage of feldspar and nepheline syenite. Hence, all these factors are estimated to boost market growth in the region over the forecast period.

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Increasing Sales and Manufacturing of Automobiles to Drive Growth in the North American Region

The feldspar and nepheline syenite market in the North American region is estimated to witness significant growth by the end of 2033. The growth of the market can be attributed to the high usage of glass and glass items in automobiles, supported by the increasing sales and manufacturing of automobiles in the region. Further, glass is a crystalline, clear, and transparent product that has a wide range of applications in the automotive sector, which include vehicles' window glasses, sunroofs, windscreens, and adjustable side mirrors. According to one of the statistics, in 2020, there were about 275,913,235 registered vehicles in the United States, including 105,135,301 cars, and every year around 17.1 million cars are sold in the USA. In addition to this, owing to feldspar and nepheline syenite’s unique properties, which include high durability, strength, great surface hardness, and greater resistance, the product is widely used in the plastic and rubber manufacturing industries. Therefore, the growth of the market is also anticipated to accelerate during the forecast period owing to the increasing usage of plastics in the region. It was found during research that the USA’s plastic consumption has increased significantly over the past five decades and currently accounts for around 801 million tons each year.

Feldspar and Nepheline Syenite, Segmentation by Functional Fillers

  • Plastic and Rubber
  • Paint and Coatings
  • Adhesive
  • Other Fillers

The paint and coatings segment in feldspar and nepheline syenite market is anticipated to hold the largest revenue by the end of 2033. Feldspar and nepheline syenite are commonly used as fillers in paint manufacturing and pigment production. Feldspar and nepheline syenite have distinct characteristics such as high filler hardness and a greater absorption rate, which make them ideal for manufacturing deeptone, neutral, and light color shades. Moreover, the rising consumption, sales, and manufacturing of paint and coatings across the world are predicted to boost segment growth during the forecast period. For instance, the paint and coating industry of the USA produced around 1.35 billion gallons of paint in 2022. Furthermore, the rising urbanization, growing construction activities, and increasing inclination of people toward modern architectural homes and offices are anticipated to propel segment growth over the upcoming years, as paint is the main component for the aesthetic look as well as the long life of any construction. It was noted that more than 865 million gallons of architectural paint were consumed in the USA in 2021, and the consumption is estimated to increase over the forecast period with the booming need for houses and non-residential buildings owing to significant growth in the population across the world.

Feldspar and Nepheline Syenite, Segmentation by Application

  • Coatings and Polymers
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Refractories
  • Others

The glass segment in feldspar and nepheline syenite market is anticipated to hold the largest revenue by the end of 2033. Among the variety of applications of feldspar and nepheline syenite, one of the key applications is its usage in the glass manufacturing industry. Moreover, the growth of the segment can be attributed to the increasing consumption of glass in various end-use sectors, especially in cookware and home decor items. It was noted that more than 83.2 billion glass jars and bottles were produced across the world in 2021. Additionally, the rising concerns regarding the environment and increasing awareness among people regarding reducing, reusing, and recycling as many materials as they are estimated to increase their inclination towards glass material, as with the rising technological advancements it is possible to recycle the used glass, making it the environment-friendly option, which in turn is predicted to drive segment growth over the forecast period. For instance, around 10.1 million metric tons of waste glass are recycled every year in the USA. In addition to this, segment growth is also anticipated to be propelled by the increasing usage of glass in the packaging industries, especially for pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging, as glass is inert by nature and does not react with chemicals, making it ideal for these kinds of packages.

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Few of the well-known industry leaders in the feldspar and nepheline syenite market that are profiled by Research Nester are SCR-Sibelco NV, I-Minerals Inc., The QUARTZ Corp., Covia Holdings LLC, Anglo Pacific Minerals (APM), Imerys, Pacer Minerals, LLC, ArrMaz Products Inc., Minerali Industriali S.r.l., FINETON Industrial Minerals Limited, and other key market players.

Recent Development in the Global Feldspar and Nepheline Syenite Market

  • To boost its glass recycling business and to remain a prominent competitor in the glass recycling market of Italy, SCR-Sibelco NV has opened a new glass recycling facility in San Cesario sul Panaro, Modena (Italy).
  • Minerali Industriali S.r.l. has acquired the Sassuolo company Manfredini e Schianchi, and through this purchase, Minerali Industriali S.r.l. intends to work in the area of plants to produce raw material and dry grinding ceramic mixtures, which have a variety of applications.

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