Gravity Diagnostics to Exhibit at Kroger Wellness Fair Featuring Meet and Greet with Brandon Saho


COVINGTON, KY – Gravity Diagnostics will be exhibiting at the Kroger Wellness Festival September 22-23, 2023 in booth 630. Gravity Diagnostic’s booth will feature their at-home pharmacogenetics test kit. The kit guides individuals on the appropriate type and dosage of medications based on a person’s unique genetic makeup. Gravity’s staff will be present to help community members learn how they can better understand the way prescription medications metabolize in their body based on their own gene structure.

“Now, more than ever, conversations about mental health and the individual’s power to control their own healthcare pathway is incredibly important. Someone in the midst of a mental health battle may not be aware of how their genetic makeup can influence the effectiveness of their current medications.” Tony Remington, Co-Founder and CEO of Gravity, stated when asked about the company’s participation.

In addition to Gravity’s product line, they will also feature an exclusive meet and greet opportunity with Brandon Saho, creator and host of the Mental Game Podcast. This will take place on Friday, September 22nd from 3-4pm in the Gravity booth. About the partnership Brandon Saho said, "I'm so excited to team up with Gravity and help anyone we can with their mental health! This will be an amazing chance to have impactful conversations about how we can save lives together."

The Kroger Wellness Festival is a free community event focused on health and wellness.

About Gravity Diagnostics  
Gravity Diagnostics is a state-of-the-art CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratory licensed in all 50 states providing innovative laboratory testing in the areas of COVID-19, upper respiratory, toxicology, pharmacogenetics, sexually transmitted infections, and blood hematology. The company is an advocate for physicians, patients, and their communities, supporting them with unsurpassed integrity, regulatory compliance, and clinical expertise. Gravity currently serves over 1,000 customers from small private practices to universities to Fortune 500 companies. Learn more at  



Gravity Diagnostics to Exhibit at Kroger Wellness Fair

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