Ultimate Medical Academy Celebrates Commencement for Thousands of Healthcare Student Graduates

Best-Selling Author and Founder & CEO of Change Enthusiasm Global, Cassandra Worthy, served as commencement speaker.

Tampa, Florida, UNITED STATES

Tampa, FL, Sept. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA), a non-profit higher education institution with the mission of equipping and empowering students to excel in healthcare careers, celebrated nearly 4,000 graduates at its commencement ceremony on Saturday, September 23 at the Yuengling Center in Tampa.  The live-streamed ceremony honored students who completed or will complete their programs between May 15 and October 22, 2023. The event was live-streamed so UMA graduates, their friends and family members across the nation were able to join the celebration. 

During the ceremony, one UMA graduate shared a personal story of their academic journey, highlighting the support and encouragement they received from UMA as they worked toward their graduation goals. Additionally, Cassandra Worthy, Change Enthusiasm Global CEO and best-selling author, delivered an inspiring keynote address about nurturing resiliency and adaptability to foster a successful and visionary environment during a moment of change. 

UMA graduate Jasmine Berry, who attended UMA’s Clearwater Campus, shared how two impending deadlines coincided toward the end of her UMA Dental Assistant program and how she wouldn’t have been able to accomplish both without the support of the UMA community, instructors, administrators and fellow classmates. 

“While studying at UMA, I was pregnant with my daughter. She is now six months,” Berry shared. “If you are wondering how I could do that, I give you three letters, U – M – A.”

Berry believes this would not have been possible at any other school. Her instructors encouraged her to take appropriate time out when needed and supported her choice to continue her education after giving birth.  Instructors scheduled labs for her, provided online coursework and checked in on her regularly. Fellow classmates provided her class packets and notes to help her prepare and study for exams.

“The support I received from everyone at UMA taught me something that is just as important as what I learned in my Dental Assistant coursework,” Berry said. “Empathy and genuine acts of kindness can be shown in the smallest ways. I will remember this when I work with my dental patients.”

Jasmine continued to learn about more than dentistry through her externship. The dentist she worked with in that program shared the importance of having grace with yourself and of always continuing to learn. Jasmine encouraged all UMA graduates to keep believing in themselves and to keep their momentum going.

“Our graduates worked hard to get here today, and we are proud of their accomplishments,” said UMA President Thomas Rametta. “Higher education is never easy, but for these adult learners it can be especially challenging due to all the responsibilities they juggle in life. Most balance full-time work and families while they attend school with the goal of starting a promising new career or advancing an existing career in healthcare. It is with a great sense of joy and UMA pride that we celebrate their strength, commitment and remarkable achievements today.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is projected to have nearly 17 million open positions between 2021 and 2031. UMA prepares students to meet an urgent workforce need in one of our nation’s most vital industries by training students to succeed in allied health positions such as patient care technicians, medical office workers, pharmacy technicians, healthcare accounting workers, health information technologists and more.  

Although commencement marks the completion of a graduate’s academic instruction, UMA’s support for its students continues long after graduation. UMA partners directly with allied healthcare employers around the country to identify talent needs, and Career Services advisors help connect graduates with openings that match their new qualifications, as well as assist them with resume and job interview preparation. These support services remain available for life to all UMA alumni as they progress in their careers.  

For additional information on UMA’s 2023 Commencement, visit https://www.ultimatemedical.edu/students/commencement/. Or to learn more about UMA’s healthcare programs, visit https://www.ultimatemedical.edu/

About Ultimate Medical Academy 

The need for skilled healthcare workers in the United States continues to grow. Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) is an accredited, nonprofit educational institution that helps to meet that need by equipping and empowering students to do vital work at the heart of healthcare. In addition to offering diploma and degree programs, UMA works closely with healthcare companies to connect students directly to job opportunities.

Based in Tampa, Florida, and operating for more than 29 years, UMA offers hands-on learning at its main campus in Clearwater, Florida as well as content-rich, interactive programs through its online campus. The institution supports students through every step of their journey with access to academic support, interview and resume coaching, job search assistance, technical support and more.

UMA has more than 80,000 alumni and more than 15,000 students nationwide. The institution also provides certified continuing medical education (CME) through ongoing training and professional development opportunities to physicians, nurses and other medical professionals throughout the U.S. annually.

UMA is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES, www.ABHES.org). The continuing medical education programs are individually accredited and are not included within the institution’s grant of accreditation from ABHES. Learn more by visiting www.ultimatemedical.edu

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