TestGrid & Compunnel Deploy 2000+ On-Premise Devices & Browsers, Helped a Leading US Bank Save $5 Million

TestGrid along with Compunnel strategically transformed the testing process of a leading bank in the USA, helping them save over $5 Million

ATLANTA, Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TestGrid, a leading, profitable end-to-end automation cloud and on-premise testing solution partnered with Compunnel to centralize more than 2000 mobile devices and browsers that were previously distributed across the United States under a central hub. The completion of phase one implementation has enabled the bank to achieve substantial savings, totaling over $5 million.

In today's world where a perfect UX is a mandate, the bank faced challenges to do so because of scalability & resource utilization problems like scattered devices & browsers with limited availability, globally distributed teams, being stuck on manual testing, data security concerns and high costs of device management and testing.

TestGrid along with Compunnel took a phased approach to solve the bank's problems. In phase one TestGrid and Compunnel shifted all the 2000+ segregated devices & browsers under one roof and created a center of excellence making the devices available to all 24x7. They also made sure that the bank was able to run their existing automation test scenarios and achieved amazing results like:

1 - Cost Reduction through Centralized Dev & Test Lab: With TestGrid’s on-premise lab and TestOS, the bank has been able to save over $5 Million on device, browser management and test automation costs. The new COE allows the bank to safely perform end to end testing without concerns of data leakage.

2 - Continuous Delivery & Automation: The bank is now able to execute all its existing automation & functional test cases on a larger pool of available devices, browsers and operating systems.

3 - Continuous Testing - The bank is now testing continuously without worrying about device downtime and management. The new COE is easily scalable for teams scattered across geographies, multiple teams are now using available devices & browsers at the same time and by executing tests in parallel teams are able to release software faster.

4 - Agile Scaling with a few Clicks: Admins were empowered with the ability to effortlessly adjust device & browser availability, allowing for rapid scaling up or down as per testing requirements. This newfound flexibility meant that resources could be allocated precisely when needed, optimizing resource utilization. They can even bring more devices to add it in the pool with minimum effort.

5 - Reservable Devices for Enhanced Efficiency: The introduction of a reservation system empowered the team to allocate and release devices based on their testing schedule. This feature further streamlined the testing process, ensuring that resources were efficiently utilized without any unnecessary downtime.

After phase 1 completion, Harry Rao, CEO TestGrid saidBoth TestGrid & Compunnel teams worked relentlessly for the last one month to complete phase one of our implementation and helped the bank to create a COE for testing set to save them over $5 Million on device management and test automation costs. We will be moving to the next phase where we will future proof the banks testing process by implementing TestOS to transition them from manual testing to low code/no code automation. The banks' team will be trained on new skills & knowledge needed to harness the power of AI-driven automation, ensuring a seamless transition from manual testing.”

Apart from implementing TestOS for end to end test automation, TestGrid and Compunnel will also work towards enabling end-to-end test automation encompassing a wide spectrum of testing scenarios from cross-browser testing to mobile app testing, API testing, and even performance testing with one platform. They will also work to help them achieve up-to 100% device utilization by empowering banks devops team to use the free devices available in COE for their development purpose, thereby helping the bank with 360 degree QA transformation.

About TestGrid
TestGrid is a leading provider of end-to-end automation cloud and on-premise testing solutions. With a focus on simplifying the testing process, TestGrid’s innovative AI-powered technology allows organizations to achieve significant time and cost savings while accelerating their go-to-market strategies.

About Compunnel
Compunnel is a digital native technology company that helps businesses gain a competitive edge. The company prides itself on being digital natives with deep-rooted empathy who leverage technology to maximize the impact of human expertise. ​ For over 30 years, some of the world’s leading organizations ranging from Fortune businesses to mid-market companies, have trusted our abilities to gain a competitive edge in their respective domains.

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Harry Rao
CEO TestGrid

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