Dubai Government Grants Insurance Reimbursement for Biomerica’s EZ Detect™ Colorectal Disease Screening Test

Simple 2 minute at-home test detects an early warning sign of colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer worldwide

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Biomerica, Inc. (Nasdaq: BMRA) (the “Company”) today announced that the Dubai government has officially approved insurance reimbursement for the EZ Detect colorectal disease at-home screening test, which is designed to detect an early warning sign of colorectal cancer and other colorectal diseases. Colorectal cancer (“CRC”) is the second most common cause of cancer death in the UAE [1].

Key benefits of the EZ Detect colon diseases test include:

  1. Early Detection: EZ Detect is designed to identify occult (hidden) blood in the stool, which can be an early indicator of colorectal diseases, including cancer.
  2. User-Friendly: The test is easy to use and requires no special preparation, dietary restrictions, or medications. Unlike other tests, it does not require a person to touch or handle stool and can be completed in the privacy of one’s home without the unpleasantries of handling and mailing stool samples or providing them to a laboratory.
  3. Affordable: Insurance reimbursement ensures that the cost of the test is covered for eligible individuals.
  4. Peace of Mind: Regular screening with EZ Detect can provide peace of mind and help detect potential issues before they become more serious.

Colorectal cancer is a prevalent and potentially life-threatening condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2020 alone, more than 1.9 million new cases of colorectal cancer and more than 930,000 deaths due to colorectal cancer were estimated to have occurred worldwide. The organization estimates that colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide and is the second leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide.

To change this unfortunate dynamic, early detection is key to effective treatment and improved patient outcomes. The EZ Detect test offers a simple and convenient solution for individuals to assess their colorectal health in the comfort of their own homes. The EZ Detect™ colon disease screening test is the simplest at-home test to detect hidden (occult) blood in a person’s stool, which Is an early warning sign of colorectal cancer. With the product’s ease of use, a person simply places an EZ Detect™ test pad on top of toilet water after a bowel movement. A change in the test pad’s color to blue/green, which would appear within two minutes, indicates the presence of blood in the stool. The pad is then simply flushed down the toilet. Patients who see a positive result should consult with their physician for next steps.

In a study performed by Johns Hopkins University, EZ Detect™ was preferred 10 to 1 by patients over another fecal occult blood test. Published studies have also indicated that the best colorectal screening test is “the one that gets it done.” [2] Other colorectal screening tests require handling of the stool and sending the stool sample to a lab for processing, which can prove cumbersome. Because of the unpleasant difficulties of handling and mailing stool samples, a high percentage of these competing tests are never completed by patients[3]. This potentially increases the risk for delayed detection of colorectal cancer.

The EZ Detect™ test does not require handling of the stool, is simple to perform and provides results at home within just two minutes in order to assist with early screening. According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer detected early on while still localized (not spread) suggests a five-year survival rate of 91%.

“We are excited that the Dubai government has recognized the importance of early colorectal disease detection and has chosen to support the reimbursement of our EZ Detect test,” said Zack Irani, CEO of Biomerica. “This decision will undoubtedly save lives by enabling more people to access affordable and convenient screening for colorectal diseases. We remain dedicated to our mission of advancing and democratizing easier access to healthcare solutions that make a difference in people’s lives.”

Biomerica is proud to contribute to Dubai’s efforts to improve public health by making this crucial screening tool more accessible to its citizens. The government’s insurance reimbursement for the EZ Detect colon diseases test is a testament to Dubai’s commitment to public health and the wellbeing of its residents. Biomerica looks forward to continuing its partnership with healthcare providers and insurers to ensure that this essential screening tool reaches as many individuals as possible.

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