Getty Images Renewed as Official Photographic Partner of Major League Baseball

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NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Getty Images (NYSE: GETY), a preeminent global visual content creator and marketplace, today announced a renewed partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) that sees Getty Images continue as an Official Photographic Partner of MLB.

As an Official Photographic Partner, Getty Images’ award-winning sport photographers and editors will deliver high-quality imagery from every MLB regular season game and dozens more Playoff and World Series games, all to be distributed exclusively on

To further build on the long-standing relationship, Getty Images and MLB are partnering to increase representation, diversity and inclusion within the industry and the content used by the world’s media, clients, partners and licensees. Specifically, the partners will collaborate on programming and events like the inaugural HBCU Swingman Classic presented by T-Mobile and powered by the MLB-MLBPA Youth Development Foundation. These ongoing efforts involve mentorship opportunities and initiatives with emerging talent within the industry – including content creators from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) – and will continue to evolve throughout the partnership.

“With an elite roster of specialist and award‑winning sport photographers, we are excited to continue delivering iconic imagery of America’s favorite pastime, capturing history-making moments of world-class athletes and baseball fans and providing MLB with the global scale, technology and innovation to reach customers around the globe,” said Getty Images Global Head of Content Ken Mainardis. “This partnership goes beyond simply creating exceptional visual content; we share MLB’s commitment to making baseball and sport a more inclusive space both in front of and behind the lens and will continue to harness our editorial expertise to support and equip aspiring content creators with the skills they need to achieve within the industry.”

“Extending the photographic partnership between Major League Baseball and Getty Images allows us to continue providing premium imagery to partners and a global audience, as well as creating an opportunity to expand the relationship beyond the playing field,” said Jessica Carroll, MLB Senior Director of Photos. “With both organizations’ commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as well as our desire to put energy toward developing talented creatives, MLB and Getty Images are invested in not only the distribution of photo content, but diversifying the pool of photographers who produce that content.”

Getty Images partners with many of the most significant sports leagues and governing bodies in the world. Along with MLB, Getty Images is an official photographer or photographic partner to over 120 of the world’s leading sports governing bodies, leagues, and clubs, including the PGA TOUR, FIFA, the International Olympic Committee, International Cricket Council, UEFA, National Hockey League, NASCAR, PGA of America, National Basketball Association and Manchester United.

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