Modern Campground Announces Partnership With Insider Perks To Launch Campy, An AI Chatbot

Dublin, Ohio, Sept. 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Modern Campground, a dedicated news source for the outdoor hospitality industry, is excited to announce its recent partnership with Insider Perks, an innovative marketing company exclusively for outdoor hospitality businesses, to launch an AI chatbot that will help provide camping advice, find information about campgrounds worldwide, and help owners of outdoor hospitality businesses get advice on how to enhance their businesses or develop their campgrounds.

The AI chatbot, named Campy, will have a range of useful abilities that aim to help all kinds of camping enthusiasts, from first-time tent campers to seasoned RV travelers. With access to Modern Campground’s comprehensive Campground News resource, Campy can offer tips and advice on various camping-related topics, such as camping gear, popular camping destinations, outdoor activities, campsite etiquette, and more.

Brian Searl, the Founder & CEO of Insider Perks, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re excited to partner with Modern Campground and use AI to enhance the learning process for owners/operators of outdoor hospitality businesses worldwide. This is also one of our best use cases in how the camping consumer can benefit from AI to help research their trips as well. We’re excited for what the future holds.”

Campy’s integration on Modern Campground’s platform, where Glamping News is covered alongside RV Industry News, ensures that the information and knowledge available to owners/operators and campers will continue to grow and be more helpful over time.

Modern Campground’s collaboration with Insider Perks and the introduction of Campy is but a stepping stone into a future filled with technological advancements aimed at transforming the outdoor hospitality industry. Plans are already in place to explore more AI-driven solutions that can further enhance the user experience and provide deeper insights for owners/operators. The ambition driving these innovations is to foster a symbiotic ecosystem where both campers and campground operators benefit from a seamless exchange of valuable information.

The roadmap for Campy extends to being accessible across various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and SMS. The forthcoming integration with Google Maps is also geared to furnish users with more precise campground information, making the planning process even more convenient and informative.

Created with the primary intention of providing campground owners with actionable, cost-effective, and in-depth advice on how to enhance the running of their businesses, Campy’s cutting-edge technology is one more tool in a growing suite of Campground Marketing services being provided by Insider Perks.

Dedicated to improving continuously and listening to feedback from their readers, Modern Campground has always strived to be the first to adopt new technology in ways that will provide as much value as possible to their readers. Campy is the first of many AI tools to be released in collaboration with Insider Perks as AI quickly becomes more capable.

About Modern Campground

Modern Campground was created in 2021 to provide a dedicated news source for the outdoor hospitality industry. The website is focused on covering outdoor hospitality news that matters to RV park owners, campground owners, glamping resort owners, their team members, as well as industry suppliers, and anyone else involved in the outdoor hospitality industry.

Inside the pages of Modern Campground, visitors will find carefully curated campground news, RV park news, glamping news, and more from around the world, sorted into easy-to-navigate sections based primarily on location. On the website, there is also a plethora of original articles that are written by the Modern Campground team or by columnists whose names are recognized as leaders in the outdoor hospitality industry.

More information

Campy was originally launched by Insider Perks as an AI Chatbot customer service tool for campground owners to assist their guests. Anyone interested in learning more can book a demo with Brian Searl at or visit the Insider Perks website at



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