Osborne Mint Expands Portfolio to Include Silver Bullion Rounds

Cincinnati, OH, Oct. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Osborne Mint- a subsidiary of Osborne Coinage- a leading name in the world of custom round design and manufacturing, is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of its product offerings. Beginning October 2, 2023, the Cincinnati-based company will officially start selling high-quality silver bullion rounds to cater to the growing demand from investors and collectors alike.

Silver has long been recognized as a valuable and stable investment, and Osborne Mint is proud to leverage its decades of experience in the minting industry to bring the same level of craftsmanship and expertise to the world of bullion rounds. Osborne Mint will offer the most popular size – a one ounce, 39mm (1.54”) diameter round.

Key Features of Osborne Coinage's Silver Bullion Rounds:

Exceptional Purity: Osborne Mint’s silver bullion rounds are crafted from .999 fine silver, ensuring the highest level purity and quality for investors.

Exquisite Design: These one ounce, 39mm diameter rounds feature meticulously designed imagery that is not only visually appealing but also holds cultural significance, as with the buffalo nickel design.

Customization: Osborne Mint will also produce custom design bullion rounds upon request.

Packaging and Authentication: Rounds are packaged in tubes for economy and come with a bulk certificate of purity.

"We are excited to diversify our product range and offer our customers the opportunity to invest in silver bullion rounds. With our longstanding commitment to quality and craftsmanship, customers can trust that our bullion rounds will meet their investment and collecting needs," said Gibson Olpp, Marketing Director at Osborne Coinage.

As an established name in the coin industry, Osborne Mint's expansion into silver bullion rounds is a natural progression, further solidifying its position as a trusted source for precious metal products. The company's dedication to precision and innovation has earned them a reputation for excellence in numismatic design and production.

For more information about Osborne Mint's silver bullion rounds, please visit www.osbornemint.com.

About Osborne Mint:

Established in 1835, Osborne Coinage is America’s oldest continuously operating private mint. Osborne Mint is part of the Osborne Coinage family, which includes Osborne Coinage, TokensDirect, and Van Brook of Lexington. The mint, a 60,000 square foot facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, houses the development, engraving and manufacturing of numismatic quality collectible rounds, bars, and coins. Products manufactured by Osborne hold strict standards for metal purity, weight, and dimensions. Osborne Mint strikes thousands of collectible rounds annually and circulates them to the public through certified distributors.

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