Graphene Tech Company Avadain Surpasses $3 Million Milestone, Achieving top 1.1% Status Among all Crowdfunding Campaigns

EADS, Tenn., Oct. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via IBN – Pioneering U.S.-based graphene technology company Avadain, Inc. today announces that its equity crowdfunding capital raise on Netcapital surpassed $3 million, placing it in the top 1.1% of Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF) campaigns of all time.

“Even though crowdfunding is reportedly down a whopping 70% from January-July over the same period last year, achieving this milestone is an incredible vote of confidence in Avadain’s green, globally patented technology to manufacture high quality graphene flakes,” said Avadain CEO Brad Larschan.

Graphene is the lightest, strongest and most electrically and thermally conductive material ever discovered. It is widely touted as a “miracle material” that can be added to transform thousands of products.

George Gilder, America’s No. 1 technology futurist and legendary stock picker, predicts that graphene will have an $11.5 trillion impact. Gilder says graphene “will transform the planet and mint hundreds of new millionaires.”

Gilder recently gave Avadain a strong buy recommendation in his subscription newsletter Gilder’s Private Reserve, calling Avadain “the graphene startup you can’t afford to miss.”

Avadain’s business model is to license its graphene flake manufacturing technology to chemical companies and advanced materials manufacturers. The Company is expected to produce tons of large, thin and nearly defect-free graphene flakes to meet the exploding demand from a wide range of industries for high quality graphene.

Avadain’s crowdfunding raise on Netcapital is ending soon. For more information and to explore investment opportunities, please visit Avadain’s campaign page on Netcapital.


Brad Larschan

About Avadain:

Avadain is a Tennessee-based technology company with a globally patented technology to manufacture the type of graphene that industries are waiting for to enhance thousands of products. Avadain’s breakthrough technology produces superior-quality graphene flakes at low cost using an eco-friendly process. Avadain’s large, nearly defect-free flakes overcome the technical obstacles that have prevented graphene from becoming the supermaterial of the 21st century.

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