Cohesity Announces Data Security Posture Management Partnership with Normalyze

Integration delivers joint customers best-of-of-breed Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) with cyber recovery and ransomware protection for all data across cloud, SaaS and on-premises

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cohesity, a data security and management leader, today announced a partnership with Normalyze, a leading provider of Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) solutions. This partnership provides joint customers an integrated offering extending Cohesity’s cyber recovery and ransomware protection solutions with DSPM capabilities to discover, classify, and secure sensitive data across all clouds and on-premises. This joint solution enables more efficient identification of sensitive data to provide automatic protection, recovery, and defense against detected data risks that can lead to expensive data breaches and ransomware.

“Discovering and classifying sensitive data within enterprise environments is the first step for organizations to determine where their critical data assets are and what security teams need to do to protect the data from cyber-attacks,” said Elad Horn, Group Vice President of Product Management, Cohesity. “We joined forces with Normalyze, a leader in the DSPM space, to offer customers this capability to discover all their sensitive data at scale and understand the monetary value of it so they can proactively protect it against cyber threats and prevent ransomware attacks.”

Normalyze joins Cohesity in upleveling how organizations categorize sensitive data, visualize access paths, and receive critical alerts about data risks seamlessly integrated into existing workflows to prioritize remediation and ensure data recovery solutions are in place where needed. Normalyze's data classifiers leverage AI to classify data across all clouds and on-premises into sensitive data classes and assess the associated monetary impact in case of a data breach. Normalyze platform's capabilities also baseline user access and activity around sensitive data and identify abnormal activity to detect potential data exfiltration and account takeover threats, empowering security teams to protect their organization’s data at scale.

Using the integrated solution, security teams can:

  • Continuously discover all data stores and cloud resources across multi-cloud, SaaS, and hybrid environments.
  • Identify sensitive content in their cloud on-premises database deployments.
  • Assess the monetary value associated with the loss of sensitive data.
  • Understand the level of risk around data and the attack paths that lead to the compromise of sensitive data with detailed remediation steps and workflows to fix it.
  • Automatically close the loop around data risks and mitigate them with Cohesity’s data protection and recovery solutions.
  • Identify and prioritize data exposure risks, anomalous activity associated with sensitive data, and duplicated data.
  • Maintain a consistent data security posture across all surfaces where enterprise data resides.
  • Register for a live demonstration webinar to see these capabilities in action.

“Cohesity is the leading provider in data protection and recovery solutions for data across all clouds and on-premises, helping global customers defend against ransomware with a modern hyperscale solution,” says Amer Deeba, CEO and co-founder of Normalyze. “We are thrilled to partner with them to deliver our patented, AI-powered DSPM platform fully integrated with their leading data protection platform to help joint customers get unprecedented visibility into their most sensitive data and ensure it is automatically protected against data breaches and ransomware.”

Customers access the new integration with Cohesity directly from their Normalyze Cloud Platform account. To learn more about the integration you can visit our website.

About Normalyze
Normalyze is a pioneering provider of cloud data security solutions, helping customers secure their data, applications, identities, and infrastructure across hybrid cloud environments. With Normalyze, organizations can discover and visualize their data attack surface within minutes and get real-time visibility and control into their security posture, including access, configurations, and sensitive data to secure it at scale and prevent expensive data breaches. The company was founded by industry veterans Ravi Ithal and Amer Deeba and is funded by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Battery Ventures.

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