House Numbers Expands Its Reach with State Approval of its California Finance Lenders License

New start-up to pioneer “home wealth management” category to assist 90 million Americans access over $30 trillion in collective home equity

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- House Numbers, an AI-enabled home wealth management platform that helps homeowners gain financial independence through home equity-based product recommendations, announced today the successful acquisition of its California Finance Lenders License. This strategic move not only solidifies House Numbers' commitment to offering comprehensive home equity solutions, but also positions the company as a prominent player in the California residential real estate market.

"We are thrilled to have obtained our California Finance Lenders License, expanding our service area to the largest state in the US, at a moment when housing affordability is particularly challenged," said Jeff Levinsohn, CEO of House Numbers. "This license empowers us to assist Californians in understanding and then activating their currently accumulated home equity to optimize their household’s financial picture.”

Californians hold a collective $3.5 trillion in tappable equity. Home equity gains in California were the largest in the nation in 2021, with an increase of $116,000 to $119,000 year-over-year in 2022.

With the receipt of the California Finance Lenders License, House Numbers is now authorized to provide mortgage origination services to homeowners throughout the state. This license enables the company to offer a wide range of mortgage products, including purchase loans, refinancing options, reverse mortgages, home equity lines of credit and home equity loans to meet the diverse needs of California residents.

“With mortgage interest rates still at record highs, many homeowners who are ready for a new space find themselves trapped in the ‘golden handcuffs’ of mortgage interest rates secured during and in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic,” said Levinsohn. “Our goal is to educate Californians about home equity as an additional lever to pull to increase their financial independence, to help pay off high interest debt to save money each month, to finance home improvements or cover unexpected expenses. We are the only service offering Californians all five home equity products, with the ability to shop multiple lenders at once to find the best deal.”

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About House Numbers

House Numbers is the pioneer in Home Wealth Management. We help homeowners gain financial independence by understanding and optimizing their largest asset – their home. There are over 90 million owner-occupied homes in the US, with over $30 trillion dollars in cumulative home equity. At the same time, the financial opportunities available to homeowners have exploded, including home equity products, mortgage refinancing, short term rentals, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), home insurance, solar, electrification, and minimizing taxes. The landscape is too dynamic, complex and important for the average homeowner to navigate themselves. At House Numbers, we leverage the latest technology, personal financial information, stated owner-specific goals and market data to provide highly personalized, actionable opportunities that help homeowners access products that will help improve their financial health. For more information visit

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