Photographer Russell Graves Interviewed by Growing Our Future Host Aaron Alejandro

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Beverly Hills, Oct. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a recent episode of the popular “Growing Our Future” podcast, host Aaron Alejandro sits down with professional photographer Russell Graves, who shares some of his favorite experiences and insights about his career path, in an episode titled, “Failing and Falling Forward.” Alejando expresses his excitement, because he has watched Graves become the international superstar photographer he is today.

The show begins by Alejando asking his favorite question, which he starts every podcast with … “Russell, what are you most grateful for today?” Russell expresses his gratitude for his health, family and being an American. Alejandro loves when people share their “green time” on social media and says Graves is one of his favorites, because he captures nature so well.

Russell fell in love with photography as a high school student. He would take pictures of anything that interested him in and around where he grew up in rural Texas, by capturing the rural lifestyle and nature that surrounded him. He was 20 when his first picture appeared on the cover of a magazine. And while he loved photography, he went to college for science teaching.

At 29, Graves started making more money as a photographer than as an Ag teacher, so he pursued a career as a professional photographer. He says he is “blessed” for all everything he has had the opportunity to do, both as a teacher and a photographer. “I just wanted to be successful, because I knew that if I could be successful, those kids could, too.” Graves expresses his joy of learning from and competing in contests with his students.

Russell is a successful photographer, writer and teacher, who grew up in rural Texas with a

strong work ethic and supportive family. He started his photography career in his late teens, and

after earning a degree in agriculture education, he became a highly respected agriscience

teacher and photographer in Texas.

He left teaching in 2009 to focus on photography full-time and has since led photographic workshops and created content for magazines, advertising campaigns, television projects and books. Alejandro and Graves discuss successes and failures, how the Texas FFA helped him when he was younger, what learned along his career path, and how he has enjoyed every moment. “It’s okay to fall down, you just got to get back up and try to walk again,” he says to his students. “There’s lessons in every failure you make.”

Alejandro commends Russell for his incredible work in bringing the beauty of the great outdoors to people's screens, and encouraging others to spend more time outside. Graves has been recognized as one of the top photographers in Texas, and is known for his ability to connect people and places through his stories. He is also a successful businessman and has helped develop rural areas in Texas. Despite his many accomplishments, he values his relationships with family and friends above all else.

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In this podcast, the host and guest cover:

  • What is most important when first trying something new, such as photography?
  • How can the Texas FFA help in setting big career goals for high school students?
  • What has Graves learned most about taking chances when it comes to trying something new?
  • For Graves, what are his favorite parts of teaching and photography?
  • What are three tips Graves would tell a high school student or Ag teacher today?

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Russell Graves Interviewed by Growing Our Future Host Aaron Alejandro