King Palm Announces ‘Championship Edition’ Blunt Roll in Honor of UFC 292 Victory by Sean O’Malley

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Oct. 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- King Palm, an all-natural smoking wrap company, has announced the Championship Edition of its popular King Palm Suga Punch Blunt Roll, part of the company’s ongoing collaboration with UFC fighter Sean O’Malley. The blunt roll, which celebrates O’Malley’s recent ascent to UFC Bantamweight Champion, will feature a flavored terp ball in the tip as well as a custom-designed band featuring a UFC-style title belt with the date of Suga’s victory.

O’Malley—better known as “Suga” Sean—has blazed an unmistakable trail through the UFC in recent years, emerging as one of its most exciting figures both in and outside of the octagon. Unsurprisingly, his co-branded mini roll launched with King Palm in 2021, debuted as one of the company’s top products and has subsequently become one of the most sought-after varieties in the company’s arsenal. When a customer indulges in the Squeeze and Pop experience, they rave about the distinctive flavor fusion featuring notes of honey and oranges.

“We saw Sean’s abilities early in 2021 and knew he was different. I reached out to him and offered him a sponsorship package,” said Brandon Puett, King Palm Co-Founder and COO. “Fast-forward to Aug. 19, 2023, and our entire team was ecstatic when he won the belt. What more can a brand ask for from a sponsorship?”

O’Malley is a rarity among professional athletes for his cannabis advocacy, praising the medicinal powers of the plant to his millions of followers across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch. In the process, he’s become an icon of the cannabis world—lending special weight to his stamp of approval. Like all other King Palm products, his line of blunt rolls is handmade, all-natural, tobacco-free, and sustainably produced, inspired by processes that date back to the 10th century.

Like O’Malley, King Palm is coming off of a thrilling run, with the company growing significantly since its founding in Ontario, California in 2016. Their 100% real, palm leaf blunt wraps—and the slow-burning, chemical-free smoking experience they provide—have become the gold standard around the world for people looking to escape the chemicals, artificial flavors, preservatives and glue prevalent in other products. The King Palm Suga Punch Blunt Roll Championship Edition is just the latest entry in a diverse product line that is expanding by the month.

About King Palm

King Palm is a pioneer in the smoke shop industry, committed to providing consumers with high-quality, all-natural products that prioritize sustainability and a superior smoking experience. With celebrity collaborations and a range of innovative offerings, including palm leaf wraps, goji wraps, tobacco sheets, lotus cones, rose rolls, and the highly acclaimed Suga Punch Blunt Roll, King Palm is dedicated to redefining smoking culture.

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