Brain Training Can be an Effective Tool in Occupational Therapy

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 04, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Henry Mahncke, CEO of Posit Science which makes the BrainHQ brain training app, will address members of the American Occupational Therapy Association when they gather for the Momentum Summit III: Focusing on the Future of OT in North Bethesda, Maryland on Thursday, October 5th. Dr Mahncke will review published studies showing the effectiveness of BrainHQ for improvement in many cognitive skills and everyday tasks that are the subject of occupational therapy.

“Occupational therapists are the medical frontline when it comes to the critical tasks of enabling people to participate successfully in activities of everyday life,” Dr. Mahncke observed. “BrainHQ has been shown in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies to assist with the cognitive skills (e.g., attention, processing speed, memory, planning, reasoning and decision-making) that underlie everyday activities and are often emphasized in occupational therapy.”

In addition, many studies of BrainHQ exercises show significant improvement not just in the underlying areas of cognition, but also in the everyday activities themselves, including instrumental activities of daily living, gait, balance, mobility, driving, and job training, work performance, and employment retention. Still more studies show BrainHQ can be helpful in addressing related functional challenges, such as depressive symptoms, lack of confidence, and sensory perception challenges in hearing and seeing, even including spatial neglect.

“It’s an honor to speak with occupational therapists about how the science we’ve developed over the past 20 years can be an effective tool in their toolkits,” Dr. Mahncke added. “There is no question that using the BrainHQ exercises under the supervision of a medical provider enhances adherence and effectiveness.”

BrainHQ has shown benefits in hundreds of studies. Such benefits include gains in cognition (attention, processing speed, memory, decision-making), in quality of life (depressive symptoms, confidence and control, health-related quality of life) and in real-world activities (health outcomes, balance, driving, hearing). BrainHQ is now offered, without charge, by leading national and 5-star Medicare Advantage plans and by leading medical centers, clinics, and communities. Consumers can try a BrainHQ exercise for free daily at


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