Virtualware to showcase how VIROO's VR training capabilities at NATO's CA2X2 Forum

Bilbao, October 5, 2023.-  Virtualware (EPA: MLVIR), the European leader in the virtual reality industry, will participate in the NATO CA2X2 (Computer Assisted Analysis, Exercise, Experimentation) Forum to present how the Spanish Military Health School is improving medical training with virtual and mixed reality.

The forum is organized by the NATO Modeling and Simulation Group (NMSG) Center of Excellence (COE) is taking place in Rome, Italy, from 3 to 5 October 2023.  It is an annual event that brings together military users, industry, and academia to discuss M&S topics such as M&S discipline, exercises, experimentation, wargaming, analysis, standards, and interoperability.

In particular, the commercial sector is developing key technologies and applications that have the potential for cost-effective adaptation for defense exploitation and use in M&S applications such as defense planning, training, operations, and capabilities development. 

Recognizing the importance of (low-cost) commercial technologies and addressing their use, NMSG embedded the 18th Workshop on Commercial Technologies and Games for NATO and Nation Use in the Forum, aiming to develop a common understanding of issues and opportunities. 

Virtualware will participate in the XR military training and operational planning session together with CAE and CENTRIC (Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organized Crime Research).  Maria Madarieta, Virtualware's R&D Director will show the potential of Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality to accelerate Innovation with the Spanish Ministry of Defense as a best practice by using the VR enterprise platform VIROO.  

Having already presented at the last NATO MSG Symposium and at I/ITSEC 2022, she will give an update on the results and the future of this initiative that is revolutionizing the defense industry.

Virtualware’s flagship product VIROO is the world’s pioneering VR as a Service (VRaaS) platform, makes Virtual Reality accessible to companies and institutions of all sizes and sectors. It is an all-in-one digital solution that enables the development and deployment of multi-user Virtual Reality applications remotely.

VIROO is already used by more than 40 companies and institutions worldwide including GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Ontario Power Generation, Gestamp, ADIF, the Spanish Ministry of Defense, Invest WindsorEssex, McMaster University, University of El Salvador and EAN University. The enterprise VR platform has been the backbone to develop strategic projects for defense ministries, critical infrastructure training projects, and innovative educational programs.

Virtualware is a global pioneer in developing Virtual Reality solutions for major industrial, educational, and healthcare conglomerates. Since its founding in 2004, the company has garnered widespread recognition for its accomplishments.  

In 2021, Virtualware was acknowledged as the world’s most Innovative VR Company.

It is based in Bilbao, Spain, and has offices in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The company went public on Euronext Access Paris in April 2023, where its stock currently trades at 8,50 euros a share.


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