A Farsighted View of Healthcare’s Future Comes into Focus as Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer Presents at Concierge Medicine’s Signature Event

Pioneering concierge medicine company Specialdocs Consultants and affiliated physicians shape a new vision of personalized care at the Concierge Medicine Forum, Oct. 19th-21st

Chicago, IL, Oct. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amidst a backdrop of surging interest nationwide in concierge medicine, Specialdocs Consultants CEO Terry Bauer and six of the company’s affiliated physicians will address the remarkable current and forecasted future demand for this engaging practice model when the Concierge Medicine Forum (CMF) kicks off in Atlanta on October 19th.

Attendance at the industry’s annual gathering of medical experts and influential thought leaders is predicted to surpass last year’s record-breaking numbers, a clear indication of just how rapidly concierge, or membership medicine is shifting into the mainstream. Bauer, who has led the pioneering concierge medicine company Specialdocs Consultants since 2016 and worked with some of the model’s earliest adopters in the 1990s, attributes the growth to thousands of physicians and patients no longer willing to accept the status quo of 10-minute office visits and cursory, impersonal care.

“The contrast provided by concierge medicine, with much smaller patient panels, unrushed appointments, and time to focus on prevention, longevity and developing meaningful physician-patient relationships, has never been more sharply defined,” says Bauer. “As a result, we’re seeing a dramatic increase this year in physicians yearning to restore their joy in practicing medicine with a change to our model, and patients seeking the care and commitment of a doctor who is never more than a phone call away.”

At CMF, Bauer will address one of healthcare’s most thought-provoking topics with his presentation titled “Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe to Concierge Medicine?”  His measured approach to the hot-button issue will resonate in an industry rife with cutting-edge advances that shine brilliantly at inception only to fade away months later.

“As an addition to the physician’s toolbox, AI’s potential is promising,” says Bauer, “from assisting with administrative tasks and claims documentation to offering enhanced diagnostics which may ultimately help minimize unnecessary testing. That said, I cannot envision AI ever matching the judgment, experience or compassion of our dedicated concierge physicians who know and care for their patients like treasured members of the family.”

Specialdocs-affiliated physicians tapped to share their clinical expertise and success with the concierge medicine model at CMF include:

  • Dr. Denise Armellini, a top-rated concierge endocrinologist based in Northern Virginia, provides the latest information on “The Explosion of GLP-1 Drugs for Diabetes and Weight Management.”
  • Dr. Uday Jani, a Delaware-based integrative and internal medicine physician twice recognized as one of the country’s leading concierge medicine doctors, conducts a workshop on video messaging for physicians, and presents a clear-eyed perspective on anti-aging strategies with “Resetting the Biological Clock: What Patients Expect, What Concierge Physicians Can Deliver.”
  • Dr. Shalini Kaneriya, Lifetime Internal Medicine in Herndon, VA, and Dr. Nan Monahan, Buckhead Internal Medicine, Atlanta, team up to provide guidance on thoughtfully expanding a thriving concierge practice with like-minded physician colleagues.
  • Dr. Dorothy Serna, an award-winning internist, explores how to incorporate health coaching and Lifestyle Medicine in a concierge practice, drawing on her experience as founder and owner of Houston-based North Cypress Internal Medicine & Wellness.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Walton, Piedmont Internal Medicine, Atlanta, shares the details of her experience practicing concierge medicine within a traditional, fee-for-service model.

"We are honored to work with pioneers like Specialdocs who have long shared our belief that concierge medicine is no longer about being the best Doctor in the world, it's about being the best Doctor for the world,” says Michael Tetreault, CMF organizer and editor of Concierge Medicine Today.  “Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, our conference continues to grow each year, helping inform, educate, connect, equip and inspire physicians at every point in their concierge medicine journey.”

About Specialdocs 

Since 2002, Specialdocs Consultants has helped transform the lives of independent and employed physicians with successful conversion to the industry's most customized and sustainable concierge medicine practice model. The company’s approach focuses on autonomy and professional satisfaction for physicians and as a result, highly personalized care and attention for their patients.


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