Healthcare Staffing Agency, Triage, Launches New Referral Program Dashboard

Triage, a healthcare staffing agency, recently launched a new referral dashboard allowing healthcare providers to track the status of their $750 referral bonus. The new dashboard provides greater transparency into the payment process.

OMAHA, NEB., Oct. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthcare staffing agency, Triage, recently launched a major upgrade to its referral program for healthcare providers.  

Triage has always had a referral program where traveling healthcare pros can refer their friends for allied and travel nurse jobs to receive up to $750. The new referral dashboard allows referrers to track where each of their friends are within the process, giving them confidence that their referrals are being taken care of by Triage recruiters. Once the person being referred reaches 400 hours on assignment, the referral payment is processed and paid out automatically. 

“We take our referrals seriously because we know what it means to entrust your friends’ careers with us. Our referral dashboard gives more transparency into the entire referral process so that folks know that their friends are being contacted. They can also track exactly when they should expect the referral payment. It’s something that our travelers have been requesting for a while and we’re thrilled to deliver,” said John Maaske, Triage founder and CEO (  

The Triage referral program is open to everyone—they don’t need to be a current or previous Triage traveler to receive the $750 referral bonus. All they need to do is know healthcare pros who are interested in traveling. This makes the Triage referral program an ideal side hustle for former and current travelers, hospital employees, social media influencers and anyone else who knows nurses and allied healthcare professionals.  

“We know that nurse and allied travelers love their side gigs. But not everyone wants to spend the time and effort to Door Dash or pick up extra shifts on their days off. We think that our referral program is the easiest way to make some extra cash,” said Maaske. 

More information on the Triage Referral Program can be found here.  

About Triage     
Triage is an award-winning, top-ranked medical staffing agency that places the best and brightest traveling Nursing, Laboratory, Radiology, Cardiopulmonary and Rehab Therapy professionals in facilities across the country. Our staff is committed to building lasting, long-term relationships and that starts with being Real, so candidates can be Ready. Triage recruiters work tirelessly to create the right placement with facilities, never sending candidates with qualifiers, only qualified candidates. The company is proud to have been recognized by Inc. Magazine eight times as one of the fast-growing companies in America and a top healthcare staffing company by Staffing Industry Analysts. Triage has also received accolades from Highway Hypodermics, BluePipes, VeryWell Health and Gypsy Nurse. Triage was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska.      


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