Docker Announces Docker AI, Boosting Developer Productivity Through Context-Specific, Automated Guidance

Docker’s first AI-powered product, Docker AI, taps the universe of Docker developer wisdom to automatically generate best practices and select up-to-date, secure images for applications

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DOCKERCON – Today, in the Day-2 keynote of its annual global developer conference, DockerCon, Docker, Inc.® announced Docker AI, Docker’s first AI-powered product, boosting developer productivity by tapping into the universe of Docker developer wisdom to provide context-specific, automated guidance to developers as they work.

The introduction of Docker AI was among a range of new AI/ML capabilities, content, and partnerships announced by Docker with the aim of helping developers quickly and securely take advantage of the power of AI/ML in their applications. In adding these extensions to the current Docker suite of developer tools, content, and services, Docker “meets developers where they are” and boosts the productivity of their existing skills and workflows.

“Code generation AIs are boosting developer productivity when writing source code — and that’s fantastic,” said Docker CEO Scott Johnston. “In addition to the source code, applications are made up of web servers, language runtimes, databases, message queues, and many other technologies. Docker AI helps developers define and troubleshoot all aspects of the app quickly and securely as they iterate in their ‘inner loop.’”

In recent years, the rapid pace of generative AI and large language models (LLMs) has increased developer productivity by 10X through code generation tools such as GitHub Copilot and Tabnine. However, these code generation tools account for only 10% to 15% of the application, with the 85% to 90% balance made up of databases, language runtimes, frontends, and more, defined by Dockerfiles, Docker Compose files, and Docker images. Since Docker’s inception, Docker’s community has chosen to share these with each other via GitHub, Docker Hub, and other public forums. Docker AI will enable the developer community to benefit from this collective knowledge.

“IDC research shows that generative AI tools contribute to developer happiness via increased productivity, accelerated velocity, and time to attend to higher value tasks,” said Katie Norton, senior research analyst for DevOps and DevSecOps at IDC. “The guidance from Docker AI will not only help deliver these gains, but also set up developers for success across the application stack. By harnessing the collective knowledge of Docker’s developer community, developers can feel confident that Docker AI’s insights are based on best practice, and it is recommending the most secure and updated images.”

Docker AI provides context-specific, automated guidance to developers when they are editing a Dockerfile or Docker Compose file, debugging their local ‘docker build,’ or running a test locally. Docker AI enables developers to benefit from the collective wisdom of the millions of developers using Docker — some for more than 10 years — through automatically generating best practices and selecting up-to-date, secure images for their applications. Using Docker AI, developers are able to spend more time focused on their app, less on tools and infrastructure.

Docker AI is available for early access today at


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