Magnetawan First Nation Launches Mobile Communications App For Member Notifications

MAGNETAWAN FIRST NATION, Ontario, Oct. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Chief and Council of Magnetawan First Nation have released a new mobile application to help connect their members to administration, services, and resources. The official Magnetawan First Nation app is designed for members to stay informed of community news and events, regardless of whether they live on or off-reserve, and to enable private and secure communications between app users and the administration office.

“Staying connected to our members who live off-reserve can be difficult; a mobile app gives our communications department an additional tool for time-sensitive notifications where something like Facebook or a newsletter isn’t an ideal solution,” said Chief Lloyd Myke.

The Communikit platform on which the Magnetawan First Nation app runs on is the first of its kind in Canada — a cross-platform app service designed specifically for First Nations and Indigenous organizations to communicate with their members across any distance, keeping them connected and up-to-date.

“The more methods we have to connect with our community and to share traditional knowledge, the better,” explained Executive Director Carol Wheatley. “Preserving our cultural practices and language is always front-of-mind for Council, so an app where we can have things like language resources available for our members or send out notifications for cultural teaching sessions and events helps support those goals.”

Councillor Christopher Pitawanakwat expanded on the importance of timely communications, stating, "communication plays a central role in all the work we do. Staying connected with our citizens both on and off reserve informs and motivates our work."

The free app is available now for iOS and Android devices — download today and never miss an update from Magnetawan First Nation!

About Magnetawan First Nation
Magnetawan First Nation is a close-knit Ojibwe community running alongside Byng Inlet, east of Georgian Bay and south of Sudbury. The community and administration are dedicated to conservation; the Nation’s Lands and Resources Department runs several monitoring programs for local wildlife (with a special focus on turtles and snakes) to promote diversity and healthy population levels.

About Communikit
The Communikit mobile app platform, developed by Aivia Inc. (pronounced AY-vee-yuh), enables progressive Indigenous Nations and organizations to communicate directly with their members at any time, across any distance. First launched in 2018, the platform has grown quickly and currently serves over 100 First Nations and Indigenous organizations across the country.

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The Magnetawan First Nation mobile app displayed on a mobile device. There is a scannable QR code to download the app.

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