Inmar Intelligence Welcomes Brian Nightengale as EVP & President, Healthcare Solutions, Bolstering Its Commitment to Healthcare Innovation

Pharmaceutical Industry Expert Brian Nightengale Joins Inmar Intelligence to Strengthen Healthcare Solutions

Winston-Salem, Oct. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inmar Intelligence, the leading provider of data-driven healthcare technology solutions, today announced the appointment of Brian Nightengale as Executive Vice President & President, Healthcare Solutions. Brian brings a wealth of expertise spanning the pharmaceutical supply chain, clinical care, and strategic commercialization, that will serve as a critical addition to Inmar Intelligence's healthcare leadership team. 

Brian’s extensive background will play a pivotal role in advancing Inmar Intelligence's mission to drive safety, create operational efficiencies, and demonstrate value to stakeholders throughout the healthcare supply chain. With a foundation as a pharmacist, Brian has worked across multiple healthcare settings, including chain and independent retail, long-term care, health systems, and nuclear pharmacies. He then dedicated two decades to collaborating closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers, devising data-driven commercialization strategies for their groundbreaking products. In his most recent role, he spent seven years in wholesale distribution, supporting pharmacies with a comprehensive suite of products and financial solutions to enhance their operational efficiency and growth.

"I am honored to join Inmar Intelligence and I am very excited to work with the team to invent new ways to create even more value for our customers,” said Brian Nightengale. “With a unique background in healthcare and a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical supply chain, I look forward to helping Inmar continue to accelerate its growth and deepen its commitment to improving patient outcomes."

Spencer Baird, CEO of Inmar Intelligence, shared his enthusiasm for the new addition, saying, "Brian's extensive background is a valuable asset to our team. We are confident that his leadership will further strengthen our position in the healthcare sector, allowing us to continue providing innovative solutions and fostering a safer healthcare ecosystem."

Inmar Intelligence's commitment to healthcare innovation has been evident through its strategic partnerships and advancements in pharmaceutical supply chain management, particularly in relation to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and USP <800> regulations. Brian Nightengale's appointment and expertise will play a pivotal role in advancing these initiatives.

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