ezeep Blue and Make Automate Printing for Thousands of Apps

ThinPrint's cloud printing solution ezeep Blue enables print workflows in Make

BERLIN and DENVER, Oct. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At the NoCode Summit in Paris (booth P10), ThinPrint announces that ezeep Blue has been integrated into the Make automation solution. The partnership focuses on optimizing automated processes with print output, all within a strictly GDPR compliant framework.

More than 500,000 users in nearly 200 countries use the Make (formerly Integromat) automation platform to enable workflows and automated processes without programming. The functions of the integrated apps range from AB testing to workflow management and this functional diversity will be supplemented by a printing category, now that cloud printing solution ezeep Blue has been integrated in Make.

"Working with Make is an important step for companies looking for a seamless, secure, and privacy-compliant printing solution for their automated work processes," said Charlotte Künzell, CEO of ezeep Blue manufacturer ThinPrint. "It all works very easily and completely without programming knowledge. By integrating a print function, companies open up a whole new optimization potential."

Apps that are not yet integrated with Make can be extended to include printing capabilities via ezeep Blue's API, which is available at https://developer.ezeep.com/. More information about ezeep Blue and Make can be found at https://www.ezeep.com/solution/make/ and at https://www.make.com/en/integrations/ezeep-blue-printing

About ezeep

Our goal is to make printing as easy as possible and accessible to everyone. We believe that printing should be a smooth process in any business, which is why we developed the cloud-based print management solution ezeep.

With ezeep, printers can be easily set up and managed in the cloud, and any printing environment can be controlled and optimized from anywhere. With just a few clicks, all users can print from any device and location, at any time.

ezeep is committed to minimizing the impact of printing on the environment and ensuring that printed paper can be responsible way to share information and collaborate.

Whether you're a home user who occasionally prints at home, or a small or large business that needs to support a variety of devices and wants an easy and sustainable way to manage everything in one place, try ezeep - it's like printing, just better.

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