AX & Mighty Fire Breaker Join Forces in a New Era of Wildfire Risk Reduction Management

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AlcheraX Inc. (AX) and Mighty Fire Breaker (MFB) are joining forces and teaming up to create a new era of safety and security in wildfire risk reduction with true accreditation via their groundbreaking combined technologies. MFB’s CitroTech® recently earned the prestigious Environmental Protection Agency Partner of the Year Award, the first and only Fire Retardant Certified within the EPA’s Safer Choice Program. Their revolutionary CitroTech® fire retardant has been recognized for its safety, effectiveness, and versatility, making it a game-changer in protecting homes, communities, and the environment from the ever-growing threat of wildfires. 

With AX as Mighty Fire Breaker’s exclusive wildfire detection provider, the synergy between MFB and AX creates a powerful partnership in the ongoing battle against wildfires, offering a comprehensive solution that integrates cutting-edge technology and proactive fire detection and prevention measures. Here, we will further discuss the significance of CitroTech®'s EPA award and AX’s FireScout technology as they relate to wildfire risk management, community protection, and risk-reduction programs for insurance companies.

Background on AX
AX's FireScout is the leading wildfire detection and protection SaaS product and is considered to be the de facto standard in AI for disaster prevention in wildfire management. FireScout is presently being used on over 1,000 cameras throughout the western United States. Through rigorous testing with utility companies, AX has demonstrated an impressive ability to detect fires in mere seconds, with an astonishing 200 out of 300 fires identified in under one minute. What truly sets AX apart is its capability to detect fires from distances ranging from 10 to 25 miles, even during nighttime—a feat that marks a significant advancement in wildfire detection technology.

At the heart of AX's success is its Human-in-the-Loop program, staffed by dedicated experts who undergo rigorous training ranging from two months to over a year. These highly trained individuals possess a deep understanding of various factors, including weather patterns, geographic regions, smoke detection nuances, and hardware capabilities. This knowledge is crucial in maintaining AX's remarkable 99.9% accuracy in wildfire detection.

AX has proven its effectiveness in minimizing the impact of wildfires on a global scale, allowing first responders invaluable lead time, anywhere from 20 minutes to over 2 hours before a 911 call or similar program makes a notification. This proactive approach has saved lives and billions of dollars in property and will continue to do so on an even larger scale. 

Addressing Environmental Concerns
MFB’s CitroTech® formula is certified by the EPA Safer Choice Program. CitroTech®’s certification and chemical production auditing program (by the EPA and UL GreenGuard Gold) serves as a total game-changer in the global fire retardant industry.

With all of the negative news on cancer-causing, fish-killing fire retardant chemicals, what MFB has accomplished is a global breakthrough in chemical science. In the midst of facing an insurance crisis within the US, property owners and insurance underwriters for the first time can be confident about fire-retardant technology.

MFB has dedicated time and resources to prove the product’s human and animal safety because they recognized air drift and VOCs to be very risky without true accreditation. Property owners today need a fire-retardant wildfire defense system in order to get better insurance rates. That is exactly why it is important that CitroTech® is one of the first fire retardants to offer factual evidence instead of solely broad-based, unproven marketing claims.

CitroTech® has garnered EPA approval for its safety in applications around homes and communities, especially in areas with children, animals, and pregnant women. This distinction sets it apart from all other non-EPA approved fire retardants currently on the market. The product is not only environmentally friendly, but also ensures the well-being of vulnerable individuals and pets who might be exposed to its application.

One of the critical concerns associated with traditional fire retardants is the potential harm they pose to the environment, including fish and other wildlife. The chemical drift, or "spray drift," from these products can have far-reaching consequences for infants, pregnant women, or those with immune disorders. CitroTech®, on the other hand, boasts an EPA and UL GreenGuard Gold certification, assuring that it is safe for the environment, humans, and animals. This is particularly important because flame retardants have been linked to neurological damage, hormone disruption, and cancer. The bioaccumulation of these toxic chemicals in humans over time can lead to chronic health problems and death.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a significant point of concern when evaluating fire retardants. VOCs can have detrimental effects on both the environment and human health. CitroTech®, with its EPA Safer Choice and UL GreenGuard Gold certifications, ensures that VOC emissions are kept at a minimum, reducing the risk of harm to both plants and people. Unlike other products on the market, CitroTech® is ready for use and does not require dilution and constant agitation, making it more convenient, effective and safer for wildfire risk management.

AX Working with MFB’s CitroTech®
CitroTech®, unlike competitive foams and gels available in the market, is a single product adaptable to commercial and home/personal applications, simplifying the process of wildfire risk management. Competitor products require blending and dilution, as well as regular agitation. CitroTech®, on the other hand, can be applied well in advance and remains effective for months or until the next rainfall.

The game-changing aspect of CitroTech® lies in its safety certifications, particularly the EPA Safer Choice and UL GreenGuard Gold. These certifications are a testament to CitroTech®'s commitment to safety and environmental sustainability, setting it apart in the industry. In an era when insurance companies are closely examining fire retardant choices, MFB's CitroTech® offers a clear advantage in terms of safety accreditation. AX has exclusively chosen Mighty Fire Breaker based on their commitment of time, energy and resources dedicated to prove their claims of safety, in addition to gaining EPA approval.

“Incorporating AX’s FireScout capabilities with Mighty Fire Breaker is about protecting lives and homes from the destructive forces of wildfires,” added Michael Plaksin, the VP of Sales & Marketing at AX. He went on to say, “By combining AX’s advanced detection AI technology with MFB’s proactive fire-retardant EPA-approved solutions, we aim to prevent the spread of wildfires before they occur, providing early detection for homeowners. Our collective effort ultimately ensures the safety and security of our communities at large.”

MFB’s CitroTech®, with its recent EPA approval, is at the forefront of wildfire risk management. Its safety, versatility, and environmental responsibility make it a standout choice for homeowners, communities, and insurance providers. With CitroTech®, MFB is not only protecting homes but also setting a new standard for fire retardants in the industry. As the wildfire crisis continues to escalate, CitroTech® is a shining example of innovation and responsibility in combating this pressing issue.

AX and MFB are the perfect combination to detect and protect against wildfires before they occur. The FireScout Program will not only activate the spraying of MFB’s CitroTech® on the property, but also alert homeowners, notify local fire departments, and first responders, regardless of whether the property owners are present.

Furthermore, Mighty Fire Breaker and AX are committed to working closely with insurance companies to ensure the protection of mutual customers and their properties, even those properties that may have previously been considered uninsurable.

By combining MFB's capacity for early spraying with AX's early detection capabilities, and with the support of local fire officials for timely evacuation plans, this partnership presents a holistic approach to safeguarding people, homes, and entire communities from the devastating impact of wildfires. Together, they are forging a path towards a safer and more resilient future in wildfire-prone regions. 


Founded in 2016, ALCHERA X is an artificial intelligence Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that has developed award-winning proprietary technology in the areas of wildfire detection and SMART VIEWING. FireScout, the leader in wildfire detection SaaS, utilizes AI to provide wildfire detection in real time on a 24/7/365 basis. FireScout seamlessly integrates into existing camera/monitor systems. We offer the most informative, effective, and supportive user interface system in the market today. FireScout is presently being used on over 1,000 cameras throughout the western United States and is considered to be the de facto standard in AI for disaster prevention in wildfire management.

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