The News Forum broadcast debut of mini-documentary Fixing Canada’s Health Care: Lessons from Sweden

ST. CATHARINES, Ontario, Oct. 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The News Forum (TNF) announces today the broadcast debut of the short documentary Fixing Canada’s Health Care: Lessons from Sweden.

Produced by think tank, the mini-documentary examines Sweden’s universal health care system and three lessons that Canada’s struggling system could learn from the Scandinavian country.

“Like Canada, Sweden has a universal health care system, but a key difference is that Swedish patients enjoy shorter wait times and better overall results,” said Co-Producer Colin Craig. “Our short documentary looks at how Canada could learn from the Swedish system. In particular, Sweden’s system collaborates with both public and private providers to improve the care provided to patients while also giving patients choice outside of the public system.”

Recent reports show troubling statistics within Canada's healthcare system have struck a chord, and the conditions for many patients continue to deteriorate. With an estimated 3 million patients currently on surgical and diagnostic waiting lists, it's evident that our healthcare infrastructure faces a monumental challenge. What's more, in the year 2021/2022, over 14,057 lives were lost as these individuals awaited critical surgery and procedures which could have improved the quality of life in their final years. These stark numbers have thrust the nation's healthcare deficiencies into the spotlight, prompting crucial questions about the effectiveness of our system and the profound consequences of delayed medical attention.

“While the cost of providing medical services continue to escalate, this short special on Sweden’s approach was very informative in exploring options for patients.”, said The News Forum Founder Tore Stautland.

The new mini-documentary will air on The News Forum on Saturday, October 14 at 9PM ET and Sunday October 15 at 9PM ET.

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Danielle Klammer
CMO, The News Forum

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