FinLocker and Milestones Announce a Strategic Alliance to Enable a Seamless Homebuyer-to-Homeowner Experience

The integration of Milestones and FinLocker will provide mortgage lenders with a comprehensive solution to attract, nurture, and retain homebuyers.

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Milestones, the all-in-one home management solution specifically designed for consumers to buy, move, own, sell, manage, and access mortgage services for their home seamlessly in one centralized portal, has announced its strategic alliance with FinLocker, a pioneer in digital, consumer-permissioned personal financial fitness tools focused on homeownership. This partnership will provide mortgage lenders with an end-to-end engagement solution to attract, nurture, and retain homebuyers and ensure their consumers have a smooth transition from initial interest, through the preparation for a mortgage, to closing and beyond.

FinLocker provides mortgage lenders and their originators with a hyper-personalized engagement platform to attract early-journey homebuyers to their business and nurtures them with personalized data-driven journeys using the financial tools and education embedded in the platform to achieve mortgage readiness and sustain homeownership.

Milestones complements this approach by guiding these educated leads throughout the decade-long journey of homeownership with online home management portals “hubs” that deliver a wide array of home services, such as home service providers, home value insights, home maintenance tasks, home document storage, and much more.

Together, this comprehensive solution will revolutionize the way consumers navigate the complex journey of homeownership by educating and empowering them from planning to closing, resulting in increased customer retention, and reduced customer acquisition costs for mortgage lenders.

"FinLocker is excited to partner with Milestones as the platform provides an extension of our financial fitness platform to prepare first-time homebuyers to qualify for a mortgage," said Brian Vieaux, President and COO of FinLocker. “Mortgage lenders who use Milestones will now have an all-encompassing solution to attract, engage, nurture, retain and reactivate clients in their database.”

FinLocker and Milestones combined boast a myriad of features catering to both pre and post-transaction stages, ensuring a holistic and supportive homeownership experience.

  1. Pre-transaction
    1. Credit monitoring and credit score-building tools
    2. Goal setting and budgeting for down payment saving and debt reduction
    3. Financial Education
    4. Homebuyer mortgage readiness assessment and guidance
    5. Home Search
    6. Streamlined mortgage application management
  2. Post-transaction
    1. Home Education Knowledge Base
    2. Home Value and Home Equity Monitoring
    3. Home Maintenance Task Reminders
    4. Suggested Home Improvements to Build Equity
    5. Home Document Storage
    6. Home Services Vendor Marketplace

About FinLocker
Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, FinLocker provides a secure financial fitness app that aggregates and analyzes a consumer’s financial data to offer personalized journeys to build and monitor their credit, manage their financial accounts, receive their net worth and cash flow analysis, create goals, save and budget to achieve loan eligibility for a mortgage and other financial goals.

Within the FinLocker app, consumers can take a readiness assessment before applying for a mortgage, begin their property search, and securely store personal and financial documents, which can be shared with a lender directly from the app to start their loan application. Mortgage lenders and financial service providers use their white-labeled FinLocker to generate and convert leads, gain market share, cross-sell value-added products, reduce loan processing costs, decrease risk, and create customers for life. For more information, visit

About Milestones
Milestones is a homeownership solution that delivers personalized client portals (“hubs”) specifically designed to engage consumers at every stage of the decade-long homeownership journey – from buying, selling, moving, and managing a home. Milestones hubs give consumers access to a wide array of home service providers, insights into home value, and much more, positioning real estate professionals to stay connected, educate, and add value to create forever clients. Learn more at

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