40-Year Business Armstrong Printing Sold to New Minuteman Press Owner Adam Oswalt in Springfield, Ohio

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio, Oct. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adam Oswalt is the owner of the Minuteman Press franchise in Springfield, Ohio since April of 2023. Adam purchased independent printing business Armstrong Printing, which is now operating as Minuteman Press, Springfield. The business remains at the same location - 222 E. Main St., Springfield, OH 45503.

Since buying the business, Adam has grown the business by maintaining key relationships with clients, providing high quality products and service, and marketing to new customers. RVP Gary Nowak shares, “Adam Oswalt bought the business from Carol McCoy, who was involved with Armstrong Printing for over 40 years and owned the business for the last 4 years. Adam left a 15-year career as Global Product Manager with Select Sires, a company that helps with the healthy breeding of dairy cows, to open Minuteman Press in Springfield. He is absolutely committed to taking Minuteman Press to the highest levels. I congratulate Adam and look forward to continuing to support Minuteman Press in Springfield as he builds his business.”

Minuteman Press franchise, Springfield, Ohio
Minuteman Press franchise, Springfield, Ohio (formerly Armstrong Printing). Pictured L-R: Aaron, Chelsea, Shelly, and owner Adam Oswalt.

Adam shares his insights on buying the business and what his experience has been like with Minuteman Press:

Why did you choose Minuteman Press?

Adam Oswalt: “By staying in contact with RVP Gary Nowak, we were grateful to be given the opportunity to buy Armstrong Printing and then transition to Minuteman Press, Springfield. The business was in our hometown, well managed and had wonderful owners. It was an easy decision to act. We were drawn to the Minuteman Press franchise because of its legacy, reasonable franchise costs, business model, and investment opportunity.”

What does it mean to own your own business?

Adam Oswalt: “I came from a corporate position where I enjoyed building relationships with other business owners. The MMP model allows me to continue serving customers while being my own boss and being responsible for my future. It’s great owning a business that plays a part in our small community.”

What has the training and initial support from Minuteman Press been like for you?

Adam Oswalt: “Hearing great things about the support and training also goes into reasons that led me to becoming a franchise owner. Initial support was great - I feel like I received enough help to not feel secluded, but not so much that I felt managed. I’ve learned many important lessons as well over the first few months in business and appreciate the ongoing support from Gary Nowak and team.”

What are some of the ways printing can help other local businesses today?

Adam Oswalt: “It starts with awareness. Customers must be aware you exist and how you can solve their problems. If a business is not being seen and not using print or signage to promote itself, it will be nonexistent. It is a fierce battle to grab our attention every day. Business owners who are wanting to grow must make an effort to get in front of potential customers. There are so many opportunities to do this with print that it can be overwhelming to a busy business owner. Fortunately, that’s where we can help. Whether it’s signs, EDDM or direct marketing, it’s all customizable and suitable for all budget allocations.”

What advice would you give to others who are looking to acquire a business?

Adam Oswalt: “Spend time with the person helping you broker the purchase. A good relationship will make it more enjoyable because you will spend a lot of time with them and you want to feel confident they have your best interest in mind. Similarly, meet and get to know the seller as soon as possible.
Lastly, have patience, positivity, and always be prompt.” Congratulations!

Minuteman Press is Springfield, Ohio is located at 222 E. Main St., Springfield, OH 45503. For more information, visit their website: https://minuteman.com/us/locations/oh/springfield/

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