Technetics Group Turns to Sopheon for InnovationOps

Accolade increases product success, optimizes strategic investments and improves time-to-market

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sopheon, the InnovationOps software company, announced that Technetics Group has deployed Accolade to create a digitized and standardized process for supporting technical projects and opportunities. Accolade empowers innovation and product leaders to govern and manage investments consistent with strategic priorities. Formal innovation management practices boost profitability by accelerating the process of getting products to market.

With labs, manufacturing locations and employees spread around the globe, Technetics Group reached a point at which managing innovation and commercialization activities through Excel sheets, workbooks and presentations was unproductive and hindering innovation initiatives. Always known for its ambitious and innovative approach, Technetics deployed Sopheon’s Accolade to increase the transparency of project progress and performance, as well as establish a shared capability for opportunities to be evaluated based on their alignment with the company’s strategic objectives.

“Our global Research and Development team is thrilled about utilizing Accolade to manage our project pipeline and spark innovative ideas in the fast-paced and intricate markets Technetics operates in through billiard-ball collisions of ideation,” said Jonathan Kweder, director of Research and Development in North America for Technetics. “Additionally, implementing a digital stage gate can accelerate development and increase investment potential as the business expands into new and exciting ventures.”
Headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, and with offices across the Americas, Asia and Europe, Technetics Group manufactures custom-designed industrial seals, components and subsystems for extreme application uses. Technetics products are used widely in various markets, including the aerospace, energy (nuclear, fusion, and oil and gas), life sciences and semiconductor industries. Technetics Group is one of six operating divisions of Enpro Industries, Inc., a worldwide producer of engineered industrial products for the processing and general manufacturing industries.

“Sopheon helps companies like Technetics overcome critical challenges and uncover new, innovative solutions,” said Greg Coticchia, CEO of Sopheon. “Accolade will make it possible for Technetics to gain advantages from a flexible, digitized process for managing innovation. This will enable Technetics to maintain existing products and create new and market-defining solutions for a rapidly changing world, where sustainability is a priority.”

Accolade is the industry’s most complete InnovationOps tool for managing strategy, governance and portfolios. It connects entire organizations and empowers product and innovation teams to be strategic and agile when responding to marketplace change and when delivering new products. The full transparency provided by Accolade makes it possible for companies to oversee governance, portfolio and strategy at an executive and leadership level as well as manage products and projects at a team-member level.

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Sopheon (LON: SPE) empowers organizations to change the world while achieving exceptional long-term revenue growth and profitability. By operationalizing the entire innovation life cycle, Accolade® and Acclaim™ software and expertise enable innovation, product and project professionals to accomplish the full range of InnovationOps tasks to drive innovation at scale. Sopheon’s solutions have been implemented in over 50 countries by hundreds of blue-chip customers, including the three most recent winners of the PDMA’s Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award. Sopheon is listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange.

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