Pliops Takes Key-Value Performance to Breakthrough Levels at OCP Global Summit

Pliops XDP-Rocks Optimizes CPU and Storage Resources; Boosts RocksDB Performance by 20x

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pliops, a leading provider of data processors for cloud and enterprise data centers, is at the 2023 OCP Global Summit this week to showcase XDP-Rocks, its accelerated Key-Value store. Designed to overcome architecture limitations of traditional RocksDB deployment, XDP-Rocks streamlines architecture and eliminates complexities to deliver breakthrough levels of workload performance, scalability and efficiency. XDP-Rocks increases throughput by 20x while reducing tail latency by 100x and normalized CPU by 10x in RocksDB-based databases.

XDP-Rocks is part of Pliops XDP-AccelKV – a best-in-class, seamless-to-deploy Key-Value accelerator solution that offers a transformational approach to optimizing data infrastructure. It also accelerates modern workloads and reduces TCO by 50%.

XDP-AccelKV is part of the XDP Data Services platform, along with XDP-RAIDplus and XDP-AccelDB. Running on the Pliops Extreme Data Processor (XDP), these Data Services maximize data center infrastructure investments by exponentially increasing application performance, storage reliability and capacity, as well as overall stack efficiency.

At OCP Global Summit, Pliops will discuss how XDP-AccelKV is helping AI vector databases run much faster for inference operations. For instance, XDP-AccelKV accelerates semantic search queries that use S3 storage and makes indexing servers run more efficiently.

“Enterprises and cloud providers are impressed with the impact they are seeing from using our XDP-AccelKV Data Service,” noted Ido Bukspan, Pliops CEO. “XDP-Rocks solves critical data center infrastructure problems, eliminating the primary performance bottleneck for RocksDB – the write and read amplification that stems from the Log Structure Merge-Tree data structure. Our customers are able to simplify and accelerate Key-Value-based applications, bringing read, write and space amplification to the theoretical minimum. In fact, one of our customers – the leading short-format video provider in China – has enabled their infrastructure to realize 3-5x more throughput in its infrastructure thanks to XDP-Rocks.”

Using XDP-Rocks results in:

  • Massive application performance acceleration
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Greater scalability with use of larger data sets
  • Faster analytics and time-to-insight
  • Reduced blast radius
  • Increased endurance

Pliops continues to play an active role in and work closely with the RocksDB community. Company representatives will be on hand at the next RocksDB Meetup, taking place in the Bay Area.

Attendees interested in having conversations about their RocksDB capabilities are encouraged to meet with Pliops at the company’s OCP meeting room. Please contact for more details and to schedule an appointment.

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About Pliops
Pliops is a technology innovator focused on making data centers run faster and more efficiently. The company’s Extreme Data Processor (XDP) radically simplifies the way data is processed and flash is managed. Pliops overcomes storage inefficiencies to massively accelerate performance and dramatically reduce overall infrastructure costs for data-hungry applications. Founded in 2017, Pliops is a winner of the ‘Flash Storage Solution of the Year’ Award in the Data Breakthrough Awards program and has been named a few times one of the 10 hottest semiconductor startups. The company has raised over $200 million to date from leading investors including Koch Disruptive Technologies, State of Mind Ventures Momentum, Intel Capital, Viola Ventures, SoftBank Ventures Asia, Expon Capital, NVIDIA, AMD, Western Digital, SK hynix and Alicorn. For more information, visit

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