Filevine Announces New AI-Powered Legal Intake Tool, LeadsAI by Lead Docket

New AI-powered legal intake tool provides predictive analysis and lead summaries to expedite and simplify legal intake and lead management.

Salt Lake City, UT, Oct. 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lead Docket, Filevine’s lead intake tool, today launched a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered feature, LeadsAI, to further automate the legal client intake process. LeadsAI alleviates the manual labor involved with combing through extensive data provided by potential clients during an intake process. Whether the lead is for an immigration, workers compensation, or personal injury case, AI prompts can easily be catered to summarize the knowledge and data unique to that practice area.

Using the natively-built AI-tool, LeadsAI generates a professionally crafted summary of all the information provided in a lead intake form, including lead details, message correspondence, and notes. Now, attorneys can view a quick and accurate summarization of all details important to the firm when deciding whether to accept the case. This enables intake teams to make decisions faster and more effectively.

“LeadsAI is just the cherry on top of an already incredible tool,” said Filevine’s Director of Engineering, Eric Coffman. “Lead Docket already helps teams manage all of their leads from any marketing source in one central place, giving everyone on a team easy access. AI will now supplement the already robust feature capabilities, including reporting insights, custom statuses that match existing workflows, automated referrals, chase automation, and e-signature integration.”

Benefits of LeadsAI powered by Lead Docket include:

  • Lead Summarization: This feature uses AI to synthesize relevant data points from a lead, so users can quickly review the major details. For a personal injury lead, for example, an effective summary will include the incident, injury, contact information, pain points, and current state of the case.
  • Message Summarization: Using sentiment analysis, LeadsAI can summarize in paragraph form the tone of communication between the intake professional and the client. By evaluating the language, tone, and overall strategy in messages across multiple channels, organizations can better understand engagement patterns and identify opportunities to refine their outreach. 
  • Notes Summarization: Rather than sorting through emails, calendars, and status reports, Notes Summarization acts as a consolidated timeline that provides the full context of a lead in one place. This quick snapshot of the timeline of a case saves team members countless hours otherwise spent piecing together disparate updates.

Lead Docket Predictive Analysis

One of the most crucial functions of a law firm is evaluating potential cases to determine whether or not representation is advised. This intake process is complex, requiring experienced specialists to extract and assess the few key details that inform a decision to proceed with or decline a case. Law firms invest heavily in rigorously training and managing intake personnel to ensure consistency and accuracy in making these early judgment calls. Onboarding often takes weeks or even months before a new hire is entrusted with independently handling this impactful client gateway. Now, Lead Docket’s Predictive Analysis tool can help instill confidence in intake departments and efficiency in selecting new cases.

"LeadsAI could be awfully useful for someone new on our intake team to help flag leads for further review," said Ryan McKeen, Co-Founder and CEO of Connecticut Trial Firm. "It’s just another way the team at Filevine leverages its tremendous understanding of user and legal client needs to create technology that is actually useful."

Lead Docket Predictive Analysis was built using its proprietary data to predict whether a new lead or case should be signed, referred out, or rejected. Accurate vetting will prevent associations with fringe cases falling outside the firm's competencies while ensuring promising, worthy prospects receive responsive service. While the tool currently is trained on motor vehicle accident cases, it will eventually expand its scope to be useful for firms that handle large volumes of cases in personal injury, mass tort or class action litigation.

“Pairing Lead Docket’s efficient and discerning intake process with its predictive analysis tool will help intake professionals swiftly and accurately evaluate whether to accept new leads, clients and claims,” said Product Manager, Josh Hostilo. “Intake staff will be equipped with a tool that has the knowledge base and reliably to take pertinent facts during preliminary consults and answer whether or not to accept the case.”

LeadsAI will be a paid feature add-on for Lead Docket customers. 

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