Renault Korea Motors and ALTAVA Group Unleash XPERIENCE MOR3 Web3 Campaign

Korea, Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  ALTAVA, a leading fashion-tech company, has announced a partnership with Renault Korea Motors to introduce XPERIENCE MOR3, a Web3 digital campaign aimed at enhancing digital experiences in the metaverse. This collaboration marks Renault Korea Motors' third venture into the world of NFTs, following the successful "Create Your Epic Car" and "Create Your SM6" projects.

With renowned French 3D artist and art director, Guillaume Sauzey, as the artist behind the collection, Braw Haus, the agency representing Guillaume, played a crucial role in bringing this collaboration to life. His creative vision has brought forth a new dimension to the XM3 E-Tech Hybrid model, offering people a unique and personalized experience based on their individual personalities, for a total collection size of 3,333 NFTs.

Atlas, a 3D generative AI platform that partners with brands and developers to build virtual worlds and experiences, worked alongside Guillaume Sauzey to transform the foundation 3D art into a whole generative collection, showcasing the limitless possibilities of human-machine collaboration.

ALTAVA's innovative approach extends beyond the NFT collection itself. The group has developed an engaging browser-based mini-personality test, leveraging Renault Korea's brand values such as "innovation" and "experience", among others. Depending on the test results, each user is rewarded with a visually distinct NFT that mirrors their personality.

As a prominent leader within the fashion and metaverse space, and having collaborated successfully with globally renowned brands such as Fendi, LVMH, The Sandbox, and Prada, among others, ALTAVA Group has consistently pushed the boundaries of digital fashion and elevated its role in the metaverse ecosystem. 

As part of the 'XPERIENCE MOR3' campaign, ALTAVA and Renault Korea Motors are thrilled to offer an array of enticing rewards:

- One individual will win a grand prize of 1 million KRW worth of Klaytn and a unique NFT.
- Two winners will each receive 500,000 KRW worth of Klaytn and super rare NFTs.
- 30 participants will be awarded 50,000 KRW worth of Klaytn and rare NFTs.
- 3,000individuals will receive classic NFTs.
- Three random winners will have the opportunity to rent the exclusive Guillaume Sauzey-designed XM3 E-Tech Hybrid.

Renault Korea Motors, has chosen to spearhead a digital activation campaign focused on Web3. This collaboration with ALTAVA aligns with their commitment to recognizing and celebrating artists in the emerging technology fields, highlighting the convergence of art, technology, and the automotive world.

The XM3 E-Tech Hybrid, an everyday car renowned for its strong design sensibilities and practicality, serves as the perfect canvas for this fusion of automotive and digital artistry. 'XPERIENCE MOR3' invites audiences to interact with the Renault brand in a dynamic and immersive manner, paving the way for a new era of automotive engagement.

Continuing our innovative approach for Renault Korea, we are truly excited to reveal the new XPERIENCE MOR3 campaign - AI-generated NFTs for each holder's personality that create a more humane connection with Web3 technologies.“ ALTAVA Group CEO & Co-Founder, Andy Ku 

Explore 'XPERIENCE MOR3' and embark on a journey where art, technology, and personality converge. Immerse yourself in a world where NFTs become personalized experiences, and the XM3 E-Tech Hybrid is reimagined through the eyes of Guillaume Sauzey. Visit ALTAVA's website to experience the mini-personality test and the captivating NFT collection.

For more information about XPERIENCE MOR3 and updates on Renault Korea Motors' NFT project, please visit 

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Renault Korea Motors is a dynamic and forward-thinking automotive company that is committed to delivering cutting-edge mobility solutions. With a strong focus on innovation, Renault Korea Motors continues to push the envelope in the automotive industry, creating exciting experiences for its customers. Website

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Atlas is a 3D generative AI platform that partners with brands and developers to create virtual worlds and experiences. The company’s suite of AI products helps enterprise and next-gen creators build custom, IP-specific assets for video games, virtual ecosystems and XR experiences. Atlas is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and deployed worldwide. For more information, please visit Atlas.

About Guillaume Sauzey
Soze is an art director and visual artist living between Paris and Biarritz. After having been AD within various "traditional" advertising agencies, in 2021 he decided to develop his own aesthetic and launched himself as a visual artist, using 3D in order to question the boundaries of fashion and give a different vision than that of the traditional fashion shows. He takes his inspiration from totally diverse sources, building bridges between Miyazaki, Kanye West and Virgil Abloh, via Mondrian, with whom he has been fascinated since childhood. Twitter | Instagram

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Braw Haus has been specializing in digital art since 2018, orchestrating numerous digital art events and projects worldwide. They work closely with artists and forward-thinking individuals, collaborating with major brands such as Nike, Adidas, PSG, Kenzo, and Renault. Braw Haus has exhibited their work at prestigious venues, including UNESCO in Iraq, Art Basel Miami, and, most recently, at the Biennale Némo with an installation by Encor Studio in La Défense in Paris. Twitter | Instagram


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