Casa Systems’ Axyom® Virtual Converged Cable Access Platform (vCCAP) Achieves Unprecedented Combination of Speed, Capacity, and Power Savings with Intel’s 4th Generation Xeon® Scalable Processors

  • Revolutionary Axyom® vCCAP with Intel processors paves the way for enhanced cable provider scalability, savings, and flexibility
  • Axyom vCCAP solution improves throughput per vCPU compared to leading competitors’ stated throughput
  • Dramatic Axyom vCCAP performance provides advantages to cable operators embracing network functions virtualization

ANDOVER, Mass., Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Casa Systems (Nasdaq: CASA), provider of cloud-native network solutions serving Tier 1 and regional service providers worldwide, today announced its Axyom® virtual Converged Cable Access Platform (vCCAP) with Intel’s 4th Generation Xeon Scalable Processors achieved a 65% increase in capacity and 7x increase in density while simultaneously demonstrating significant power savings over previous generation vCCAP solutions. This unprecedented combination of performance characteristics further extends the advantage that cable operators moving to virtualized solutions hold over competitors remaining committed to legacy systems.

To maximize operational efficiency, cable service providers seek to lower the cost per bit over the network while preserving performance and reliability of existing services and technology. The shift from legacy, hardware-based technologies to virtualized solutions supports this endeavor, and the metrics achieved by the Axyom vCCAP multiply these advantages for service providers embracing virtualized network functions.

Casa System’s Axyom vCCAP delivers a web scale solution, cost savings, and service flexibility. It provides full CCAP functionality, allowing cable MSOs to easily deploy both Axyom CCAP and integrated CCAP as they migrate their networks. It is deployable in virtual machines, containers, or on bare metal servers powered by the latest 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

“For cable operators and their customers, adding more server virtualization and software-defined networking–based deployments are key to driving network scale and agility while reducing total cost of ownership,” said Colin Kincaid, Chief Product Officer at Casa Systems. “Our virtualized CCAP is a powerful solution for cable providers looking to deliver the ultrabroadband speeds, services, and experiences subscribers expect, without driving up costs.”

Key Performance Metrics at a Glance

  • Speed / Capacity: The integration of 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors into the Axyom vCCAP boosts its capacity by an impressive 65%.
  • Power Savings: A testament to efficiency, the Axyom vCCAP trumps the competition by reducing power consumption by a substantial 33% when pitted against Casa’s C100G CCAP filled with second generation Bi-Directional Modules (BDM2).
  • Density: In terms of service groups, the Axyom vCCAP solution delivers over seven times the number previously attainable.
  • Footprint Reduction: Design efficiency is at its peak with Axyom vCCAP, showcasing a reduction of 70% in rack units compared to the C100G.
  • Cost Efficiency: The Axyom vCCAP solution stands out with its unmatched service flexibility and significant cost savings. It boasts one of the industry’s lowest metrics for cost per bit per second and cost per KW (power).

Casa Systems’ virtual network functions are optimized for a virtual compute environment to deliver significant increases in throughput per vCPU compared to leading competitors’ stated throughput. By using CPUs more efficiently, Axyom maximizes the features of the server hardware and the enhanced performance of 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Investment in infrastructure to connect people anywhere in the United States via fiber networks is top of mind for both cable operators and the U.S. government. As demand for high-speed service drives major broadband infrastructure investment, cable operators must upgrade their network infrastructure to remain competitive. Virtualization can move cable operators away from fixed-function appliances to a software-based solution that conserves space and power while accelerating growth. Casa System’s Axyom vCCAP does both, providing cable operators with a virtualized solution that can give them an advantage in their marketplaces.

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  • Intel White Paper: With Latest CPUs, Casa Boosts Virtual Cable Platform Capacity by 65%

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