BioMech Health Selected as a Finalist in the Fierce Healthcare Innovation Awards 2023

BioMech Lab at Home shortlisted in the Digital/Mobile Health Solutions category

RICHMOND, Va., Oct. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioMech Health, LLC, a division of BioMech Holdings, LLC, today announced that it has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Fierce Innovation Awards 2023: Healthcare Edition for the category of “Digital/Mobile Health Solutions.” Winners will be announced on November 29th.

The shortlist recognizes BioMech Lab’s latest update, BioMech Lab at Home, which monitors balance, gait, and range of motion and sends critical information from the patient’s home back to the healthcare provider, creating a digital, symbiotic relationship that can benefit patient, practitioner, and payer.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by Fierce Healthcare as a finalist for Digital/Mobile Solutions. The importance of tests cannot be understated and the reliance on testing drives clinicians’ diagnosis and treatment,” says Carter Brown, CEO of BioMech. “Through BioMech Lab, we made it possible to turn any clinical setting into a laboratory for clinical motion testing. Now, with BioMech Lab at Home, we not only have an objective and convenient way to clinically test gait, balance, and range of motion, but patients, clinicians, and caregivers can quantitatively measure and monitor pre-and post-treatment function remotely.”

BioMech Lab at Home evaluations are easy and exact. The physician places an order for patient testing. The patient simply attaches the sensor, presses a button and follows the on-screen instructions to perform a series of gait, balance or range of motion tasks. The lightweight, quick-release sensor and a user-friendly application instantly capture, quantify and analyze critical components and stream relevant information and biofeedback instantly to the patient’s mobile device, including:

  • Gait: Timing, symmetry, deviation and impact analysis;
  • Balance: Deviation, stability, positioning, the ability to recovery from imbalance and fall risk;
  • Angles: Range of Motion, symmetry, alignment, and fatigability

The results are instantly transmitted to a HIPAA-compliant web portal for physician review and reporting. This extremely simple-to-use technology records and assesses patient performance on a regular basis to connect the physician, patient, and care-team more often, with an additional layer of medical data previously unattainable outside of a clinical environment, providing therapeutic decision support and patient care. It also motivates patients to actively and compliantly engage in highly effective in-home rehabilitation, improving functional health and quality of care.

BioMech Lab at Home is driven by a proprietary AI engine, Coretex.AI. Using Coretex, the team at BioMech has created hardware and software to produce highly accurate, precise, and reproducible analyses that can be used as a functional biomarker and endpoint for many treatments. BioMech’s AI engine rapidly trains, analyzes and tests models, teaching the machine to recognize/learn almost any pattern of motion and associated datasets.

Most recently, BioMech was recognized as the “Leading Specialists in Healthcare Real-Time Motion Analytics” in the 2023 GHP Healthcare and Pharma Awards, the “Most Advanced Clinical Motional Assessment Tool” in the 2022 GHP Fitness and Nutrition Awards, and the “Best Overall Biometric Solution” in the 2022 AI Breakthrough Awards.

About BioMech

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, BioMech is a leading-edge biotechnology company that develops and distributes real-time motion analytics and artificial intelligence/machine learning solutions, including BioMech Lab™ and™ that quantify and improve outcomes in healthcare, sports/wellness and industrial sectors. For more information, visit

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