GivBux, Inc. Announces “It Pays to Give” Program Making It the First Super App to Share Advertising Revenue with Its Users

GivBux is now offering an advertising bonus in addition to the cashback rewards every user earns from their personal purchases at GivBux Merchants

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Oct. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GivBux, Inc. (OTC: GBUX), a publicly traded Super App and charitable giving platform, has expanded the company’s “It Pays to Give” policy and philosophy to include a generous new advertising revenue sharing benefit for its users, often referred to as “Givers” within the company. The GivBux Super App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Like numerous companies, such as Google, Meta, Amazon, and others, GivBux generates revenue from multiple advertising channels on its platform. These advertising proceeds supplement the cashback received by the company whenever a user uses the GivBux Super App for purchases from GivBux Merchants. As a core tenet of its guiding philosophy, “It Pays to Give,” GivBux already allocates portions of this cashback to the user and their chosen charity.

GivBux has now extended this philosophy to encompass its advertising revenue. While many other companies keep these revenues as profits, potentially contributing millions of dollars annually to their earnings, GivBux has chosen to distribute a substantial portion of the company's advertising revenue among its users.

GivBux new advertising revenue sharing benefit for its users will work as follows:

  1. A percentage of the company's advertising revenue will be allocated to a pool that will be distributed on a quarterly basis among all GivBux Users who have accumulated activity points.
  2. The quantity of Activity Points earned varies depending on the specific activity.
  3. The more frequently the Super App is used in any of these ways, the greater the number of Activity Points accumulated, resulting in a larger share of the pool.
  4. Users can earn and accrue Activity Points by using the Super App for everyday activities like making calls, chatting with friends, sending messages or gifts, purchasing food, utilizing ride-sharing services, making purchases, engaging in conversations with friends, purchasing or sending GivBux, and many other everyday activities.
  5. This advertising bonus is in addition to the cashback rewards that every member earns from their personal purchases at GivBux Merchants.

More information about GivBux “It Pays to Give” program is available at

Umesh Tim Singh, President of GivBux, Inc., said, “At GivBux, we are committed to our core philosophy, 'It Pays to Give.' We are delighted to extend this commitment by sharing a substantial portion of our advertising revenue with our users, who we fondly refer to as 'Givers' within our company. We believe this reinforces our dedication to making a meaningful impact in the lives of our users and their chosen charities, setting us apart in the realm of Super Apps and charitable giving platforms.”

About Givbux, Inc.

The GivBux Super App revolutionizes shopping by offering a user-friendly tool to make purchases swiftly at over 100 national retailers, along with an expanding roster of local merchants. Users earn cashback on every purchase, a portion of which can be directed towards a charity of their choice, embodying GivBux Inc.’s commitment to “give back.” Additionally, the app is evolving to include numerous functionalities like social networking, e-commerce, banking, messaging, food delivery and transportation, following the Super App model.

The GivBux Super App is currently available for free on the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple App Store (IOS).

With aspirations to build the largest community of givers in the United States (and eventually globally), GivBux is forging a new path. For more details and regular updates, visit

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