MasterControl Celebrates North America Customers’ Achievements in 2023

The Masters of Excellence Awards recognize leaders in life sciences committed to quality

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MasterControl, a provider of software solutions that enable life sciences and other regulated companies to deliver life-changing products to more people sooner, today announced the winners of the North American Masters of Excellence Awards during the annual Masters Summit, held in Salt Lake City, Utah.. These awards recognize MasterControl customers who have excelled in quality and manufacturing innovation and are leaders in their respected professions.

The Quality Champion is the only individual award and this year, Kate Selzman, the Director of Quality Assurance at Alcami Corporation, was honored. Selzman has supported an exceptional culture of quality in 59 departments across 10 sites at Alcami, a contract development and manufacturing organization headquartered in North Carolina. Using MasterControl, Selzman efficiently supports client audits and regulatory inspections by quickly processing and responding to requests. Her quality leadership and system implementation strategy has helped facilitate a superior record with no critical audit and inspection findings related to the compliance, validation, and use of MasterControl across the Alcami sites in more than 1900 events since MasterControl was implemented in February of 2013.

MasterControl recognized QuVa Pharma for Digital Transformation in Manufacturing. QuVa Pharma is a national, industry-leading, FDA registered 503B outsourcing services company that provides hospitals with essential medications in ready-to-administer injectable formats that are critical for effective patient care. At their Sugar Land, Texas facility, QuVa has completely digitized quality and manufacturing with more than 450 operators using digital production records. They have completed 43,000 electronic batch records and over 1M data captures. QuVa is positioned to harness their manufacturing data for even greater transparency, efficiency, and customer-focused process improvement.

Pine Pharmaceuticals received the Excellence in Analytics award for their work to identify defects impacting product rejection at the visual inspection phase. Using MasterControl Insights, they can identify defect trends and operators can proactively catch issues early in product development. Pine Pharmaceuticals is one of the industry’s largest and most trusted 503B outsourcing facilities specializing in the preparation of high-quality, ready-to-administer compounds and repackaged products.

Oncocyte, a precision diagnostics company, accepted the award for Innovation Excellence. The diagnostic solutions developed by Oncocyte provide insights into which patient management options may be most effective for oncology and transplant patients. For example, DetermaIO, a proprietary gene expression test, assesses various components of the Tumor Immune Microenvironment (TIME) and identifies patients most likely to benefit from immunotherapy. And VitaGraft, a blood-based test that quantifies the amount of donor-derived cfDNA in the transplant recipient, assesses graft damage/rejection and prevents unnecessary biopsies. These diagnostic tools are designed to provide physicians with potential life-saving information to enable precision medicine to have the greatest impact on patients.

“Celebrating the outstanding work of our customers is one of my favorite events during Masters Summit,” says CEO Jon Beckstrand. “Each one of these organizations is leveraging technology and innovation to positively impact patient lives and MasterControl is honored to partner with these amazing companies and individuals.”

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