Webinar Invitation: Transform Pharma with AI Driven Insights

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Oct. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Medical teams of life sciences and pharmaceutical companies are overwhelmed by ever-expanding volume of data. They are seeking intelligent tools to simplify and automate the insight discovery process. Megaputer presents its new break-through solution: Insight-D™, an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes insight discovery and knowledge management.

Insight-D™ is already helping major pharma companies to monitor known issues, discover emerging trends, and reveal context for each finding, delivering personalized and relevant insights in interactive graphical form to each member of the medical teams.

Join the Webinar:

Date: Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Time: 11:00 a.m.–11:45 p.m. EDT


Why should you attend:

Insight-D™ is an easy-to-use decision support system that enhances the efficiency and timeliness of decision making. It streamlines the insight discovery process, makes this process consistent across the entire organization and over different time periods, provides dramatic time savings, and simplifies the work of the medical team members.

  • Insight discovery is fun: Insight-D™ enables a new way to perform insight discovery - via interacting with filters and graphical objects.
  • Value for Your Time: Practitioners are reporting that the implementation of Insight-D™ reduces the time they have to spend in order to discover valuable and actionable insights by 50-70%.
  • Answers many questions: It extracts key topics, monitors known issues, detects emerging trends, and reveals sentiments associated with each insight. It helps answering ad-hoc questions too.
  • Context Matters: Through AI techniques, each detected issue is enriched with the corresponding context, linking it with other BI insights.

“Insight-D™ is a powerful NLP and AI solution that helps pharmaceutical and life sciences companies unlock the real value of their unstructured text data,” says Dr. Sergei Ananyan, “It dramatically reduces the amount of time people have to spend in order to generate actionable insights.”

Join us for this webinar to learn how Insight-D™ can drive your company's success.

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About the Presenter

Dr. Sergei Ananyan is the CEO of Megaputer. Sergei heads a team of researchers and consultants creating and customizing text analysis products and solutions that address challenges encountered by practitioners in medical, pharmaceutical, financial, insurance, and manufacturing domains. He is a co-author of the chapter “The Role of Unstructured Data in Healthcare Analytics” in the book “Actionable Intelligence in Healthcare”.

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