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Beverly Hills , Oct. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mission Matters Podcast Agency Distributes the CyberCEO Podcast

After four years of working with Cyberbacker, Michele Schmidt believes that "virtual leverage is no different than in-person leverage." Though Schmidt admits that she was unsure how to manage a virtual employee before partnering with Cyberbacker, she was careful to "invest in the person," she says, by trusting Cyberbacker Joanna with essential tasks, but also by giving her room to grow.

Joanna has made it possible for Schmidt to adhere to the "80/20 rule", or the idea that the agent should be focused on the 20% of tasks that directly grow her business. "It gives me time back," Schmidt says.

Schmidt and Joanna have such a successful partnership because of their daily communication. "I make it a point to see Joanna every single day," Schmidt says. "We talk via Zoom, and we text like I would a friend." This "overcommunication" makes it easy for Joanna to understand what Schmidt is asking for.

"Joanna is my lifeline," Schmidt says. "She's my right arm."

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In this podcast, the host covers:

· What was the first thought that came to mind when you heard the word cyberbacker?

· How did you think about virtual leverage before partnering with Cyberbacker? How do you think about it now?

· What is the "80/20 Rule", and how does Cyberbacker make it possible?

· What role does communication play when building a virtual relationship?

· What is the best thing about your cyberbacker?

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Mission Matters Podcast Agency distributes the CyberCEO Podcast


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Host Angelo Cruz on the CyberCEO Podcast interviews Michele Schmidt