Salesforce Wins Inaugural Kaltura Visionaries Award 2023

The award highlights the innovative approach and utilization of video technologies in expanding the impact of video experiences.

New York, NY, Oct. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kaltura (Nasdaq: KLTR), the Video Experience Cloud today announced Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in CRM, as the winner of the inaugural Kaltura Visionaries Award. The award recognizes companies that have demonstrated exceptional and visionary use of Kaltura’s platform that has had a measurable and positive impact.

The Kaltura Visionaries Award is focused on the innovative and creative use of Kaltura’s video platform. Criteria included demonstrable impact, user experience improvements, scalability, innovative use of AI in marketing, and overall excellence in video utilization.

“The innovation and drive that we have seen from Salesforce has been unparalleled, as is clearly seen in the excellence of Salesforce+ and their flagship events. Not many other organizations can go from signing with a new technology partner to producing a top tier virtual event in just two and half months,” said Liad Eshkar, EVP Business Development and Partnerships at Kaltura. “Salesforce+ is unique in their approach to move fast, consolidate, and streamline their event technology while also adapting and innovating to new market needs. Salesforce+ stands out from the rest, with its scope, potential, and the appetite for innovation across the Salesforce+ team, to continue pushing the envelope for engaging, entertaining, and impactful digital experiences.”

Salesforce+, a streaming service for business audiences, with compelling live and on-demand content, was selected as exemplary for the creative and effective use of Kaltura’s video platform. Launched in 2021 Salesforce+ is a free streaming service for business – a place to watch live events and original series to help business audiences grow their careers and companies. The team took inspiration from Netflix, Peloton, Nike, and other consumer brands to develop its unique approach, grabbing the attention of millions to drive viewership and combine Salesforce’s strength in events and content.

To build Salesforce+ the team made quick and creative use of Kaltura's feature-rich components including the video player, chat and collaboration tools, broadcast-grade live streaming engine, and leveraged Kaltura’s APIs across both live and on-demand video, including TV casting, timeline scrubbing with previews, searchable transcripts, picture-in-picture, and more. Additionally, Salesforce+ incorporated Kaltura’s AI enrichment services for content repurposing, in alignment with their AI-forward Einstein focus, particularly for events. Salesforce leveraged  Kaltura’s AI in conjunction with Einstein to create automatic summaries and key takeaways for over 300 Dreamforce sessions. Used for the first time at this scale, this will provide new forms of value to attendees and save marketers and event organizers countless hours.

“Salesforce+ is built around the idea of pushing the envelope, from how we engage with business leaders and professionals, to how we empower our viewers to interact with live and on-demand content. With Kaltura, we were able to create new ways to do so,” said Jennifer Sacks, VP Brand Technology & Insights at Salesforce. “We are genuinely honored to be recognized by Kaltura for our visionary way of putting their technologies to work, and are excited towards what is yet to come.”

Beyond innovation, Salesforce+ has leveraged Kaltura to drive enhanced viewing experiences, including 70% more out-of-the-box features. In addition, Salesforce+ utilized Kaltura’s live streaming capabilities to power Dreamforce, its flagship event, including hundreds of thousands of viewers and chat messages offering additional points of engagement for organizers across 4 days.

In honor of this achievement, Kaltura will be making a donation to their environmental partner, for a cause chosen by Salesforce.

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