Bridge Furniture & Props Announces New Technology Partnership with Lily AI

The Partnership Will Empower Entertainment and Commercial Industry Professionals to Easily Create On-Trend Sets with Bridge’s Unique Furniture and Decorative Items

NEW YORK and MOUNTAINVIEW, Calif., Oct. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bridge Furniture & Props today announced a partnership with Lily AI to empower its film and television industry clients to easily find the perfect set décor on its website. Bridge Props is the go-to trade resource for trending, high-quality furniture, accessories, and decorative items for entertainment industry, commercial, photography, and events professionals.

Bridge has always prioritized user experience on our website and is excited to introduce a new set of functionality that will help our clients to find and curate exceptional pieces that fit both classic and trending styles,” said Dave Wilson, Bridge’s Chief Executive Officer and Partner. “Our partnership with Lily AI is so exciting because we can now collaborate on trends we’re seeing from our own client base that echo trends happening in the broader consumer market.”

Lily AI, a retail technology company specializing in AI solutions for retailers and brands including Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, JCrew, and Gap, injects the emotional intelligence of the shopper into a retailer’s entire value chain from assortment planning and forecasting to all aspects of the ecommerce experience. It automatically assigns consumer-centric language — attributes, synonyms and trends — to its partners’ entire product catalog to improve operations across all shopper touchpoints including SEO/SEM, onsite search, recommendations, and marketing analytics.

“Bridge is the perfect example of driving business growth through artificial intelligence that helps humans to do their jobs better and more efficiently,” said Purva Gupta, Lily AI Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We believe AI is best leveraged when it augments human capabilities and allows set decorators to use normal, everyday language to find the trends they are looking for in furniture, accessories, and home décor items.”

Lily AI’s technology uses powerful computer vision and natural language processing to match and categorize home goods, art, furnishing, and more with a multitude of attributes with commonly used consumer terms that can be surfaced to clients, and make it easier for them to search Bridge’s vast inventory. Bridge recently launched entirely new web and search experiences for their New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta locations that surface product attributes identified by Lily AI’s artificial intelligence. Clients visiting Bridge’s site can now refine rental searches for colors, fabrics, and materials that mesh with their creative vision. In addition, Bridge will also showcase new style trends identified from Lily AI’s vast, proprietary database of consumer behavior. Clients can easily build sets that represent a variety of motifs, such as “Hollywood Glam,” “Comfortcore,” and “Minimalism,” to name a few.

About Bridge Furniture & Props
Bridge Furniture & Props was founded in 2006 by industry veteran, Matt Hennessy, in a 1,000 sq ft loft adjacent to the Williamsburg Bridge. Over the years, Bridge has grown to become the go-to supplier for the film, television, photography, commercial and event-design communities in New York, and operates today out of a 65,000 sq ft warehouse in East Williamsburg. From the start, Bridge has focused on delivering high-quality rentals in great condition, a user-friendly website for 24/7 shopping, and high-touch customer service. With the opening of locations in Los Angeles (2014) and Atlanta (2015), the business has expanded, but the focus remains the same. Each of the three locations offers a unique mix of distinctive furniture, decorative accessories, cleared art, lighting and rugs — hand-picked for local film, TV and commercial set-decoration, special events, and photography needs — and all in showroom condition.

About Lily AI
Lily AI is a female-founded retail AI company empowering retailers and brands by bridging the gap between merchant-speak and customer-speak. Leveraging computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, and vertical-specific large language models (LLMs), Lily AI enhances customer shopping experiences by injecting consumer-centric language throughout the retail technology ecosystem. Interoperable with leading eCommerce platforms, Lily AI maximizes existing tech investments to deliver upwards of 9-figure revenue lift through improved product attribution, enhanced discovery, and higher customer conversion. Learn more at

Bridge Media Contact:
Dave Wilson, CEO

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