Brownie’s Marine Group exceeded expectations and saw an increase in interest at the 2023 Annapolis boat shows

Pompano Beach, FL, Oct. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. (“Brownies”) (OTCQB: BWMG), a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of tankless dive equipment, redundant high pressure air rescue tanks and high-pressure air and industrial compressors in the marine industry, today announced that success at the Annapolis Powerboat Show and Annapolis Sailboat Show exceeded expectations for subsidiaries Brownie’s Third Lung, Inc., BLU3, Inc. and LW Americas.

Brownie’s Marine Group continues to target boaters and scuba divers with a consistent presence at boat shows around the country. After attending the Annapolis Powerboat and Sailboat Show for the fifth consecutive year, Brownie’s Marine Group experienced an increase in interest at the 2023 Annapolis shows. We believe the rise of interest in the Brownie’s Marine Group brands can be attributed to the brands’ consistency at shows paired with the normal timeline for consumers’ buying decisions of these products.

Blake Carmichael, CEO of BLU3 stated “The interest in BLU3 at this year’s Annapolis shows proves to us that brand awareness, repetition and influencer marketing are a testament to the power of planting the seed. And while the concept of tankless diving continues to grow in popularity, we have found that it often requires several interactions before a customer considers buying. With the influx of repeat interest and customers coming back to sing their praises, we know the concept and product are making their mark.”

BLU3 has fostered many meaningful connections-turned partnerships with content creators in the boating industry. Mr. Carmichael went on to mention the impact content creators in the sailing industry have had for the brand and product line.

“We believe that content creation is now more lucrative than ever. And as we have seen at BLU3, getting your product in the right hands and in front of the right audience will bolster sales, increase brand awareness and further educate people about the sport of tankless diving. With the surge of sail boating channels on YouTube, we have had the opportunity to provide that community with a solution for underwater boat maintenance.”

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Brownie’s Third Lung also experienced an increase in sales during the Annapolis Boat Shows with many resulting from conversations started in prior year’s shows.

“As we have seen this year, the concept of tankless diving has taken the Northeast by storm. While we know not all boaters are divers, we know boaters still need to get under the boat from time to time for various reasons. Providing boaters with a seamless alternative to filling and lugging tanks is a viable solution they have been looking for,” said Stacy Wall, Director of Sales at Brownie’s Third Lung.

Ms. Wall also noted the many returning customers who purchased additional products as well as the frequent browsers who came back from prior years to purchase a Third Lung Sea LiOn.

Based on the success from the 2023 Annapolis Boat Shows, Brownie’s Marine Group believes that this trend will continue as the concept and brands continue to grow.

We believe that patented technologies in BLU3’s Nomad, Nomad Mini, and Nemo and Brownie’s Third Lung Sea LiOn, give these Brownie’s Marine Group brands a distinct advantage over competitors. The technologies are concentrated on simplifying the experience of breathing underwater, which opens up the consumer base for a wide variety of applications including boating, treasure hunting, recreational diving and pool maintenance. At the Annapolis shows, the primary interest was for usage in boat maintenance and emergency scenarios, and for recreational exploration when sailing to tropical locations.

Notable upcoming shows where Brownie’s Marine Group brands will be exhibited include:

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