Nebula Psychic Reading Site Introduces Free Psychic Chat

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nebula, OBRIO's product and one of the leaders among online psychic reading services, introduces a new feature to welcome new clients, free psychic chat online.

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Now, every new Nebula user can talk to a psychic reader of their choice in a free online psychic chat to get an idea of how online psychics work. There's no need to pay for readings blindly, before having enough information to decide whether or not to request a paid reading.

Once the free credits run out, one can renew their psychic reading or start a new one after refilling their credits. This way, Nebula gets to introduce all new clients to the world of online chat phone psychics for free without harming its own business model.

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Free Minutes for the First Psychic Reading Online

According to a Nebula spokesperson, the idea of Nebula's free psychic text chat is "to give all new clients a taste of psychic readings without them pay before they are sure that's what they want."

Nebula isn't the first site with online psychics to introduce such a feature.

However, psychic chat online free still isn't universal in the psychic reading industry.

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Most of Nebula's competitors offer a heavily discounted first session to new clients instead of giving away free minutes.

In contrast, part of Nebula's philosophy is that everyone should be given a chance to try the service before deciding if it's worth paying for.

That's why Nebula offers its clients the opportunity to talk to psychics via chat free of charge for a bit to decide if they're interested in paying for Nebula's psychic mediums' services after the introductory free session is over.

According to Nebula, thanks to the quality of the site chat psychics, such a free trial is unlikely to harm Nebula's revenues.

The fact that Nebula is offering all new clients a short free psychic reading session evidences the company's confidence in its psychic readers' expertise.

Nebula is certain that the quality of the introductory readings will be so stellar that keeping the clients beyond the free first psychic reading won't be an issue.

Based on reviews, Nebula's confidence in its free psychics is justified.

$14 in Free Credits

Different sites for psychic readings use different models to introduce new clients to their readings.

Some offer heavy discounts (for example, $3 instead of $30 for the first 5 minutes of online psychic reading).

Others have a fixed sum that they take off the client's first reading (say, $50), regardless of its length.

Try Psychic Chat Now and Get an Offer

Although the former is more transparent and, therefore, appreciated among clients, both approaches are quite common in the psychic reading industry.

However, Nebula chose a different model, which seems the most transparent and the fairest one. The site offers $14 in free credits to all new clients, and they are free to spend those credits on their first psychic reading online on Nebula.

Unlike some other psychic reading sites, Nebula doesn't charge the client once the free credits sun out. Instead, their reading simply ends, and the client can decide whether or not they want to pay and renew it.

This guarantees that the psychic reading site doesn't "trick" anyone into staying in the chat after the free reading is over.

The Deal Applies to All Psychics and Psychic Readings

Nebula's clients get to choose which psychic reader and the type of psychic reading to spend their free credits on.

Some of the readings offered include palm readings, love readings, tarot readings, fortune telling, and dream analysis.

Nebula's website features detailed information on all types of psychic readings, which makes it easier for clients to understand what kind of psychic service they are interested in and choose accordingly.

There are no limitations in terms of what one can or cannot spend their free minutes on. It can be a psychic love reading, tarot psychic predictions, professional life guidance, or anything else.

What's more, all of Nebula's psychic readers are part of the free introductory offer. There are 300+ real psychics on Nebula, and clients can browse around to choose the reader they want for their first experience with online psychic readings.

Every reader has a detailed profile that contains all the necessary information (for example, tarot readings) as well as reviews from previous clients. Nebula's clients are welcome to study psychics' profiles to choose whoever they feel is the best fit for them.

There is no need for clients to email Nebula's psychics. All communication takes place in an online chat, which ensures a convenient and smooth reading experience. Psychics are available 24/7, so they can help even when the client needs life advice or support.

Free Readings with Free Psychics Are Limited in Time

As Nebula's $14 in free credits are meant to merely introduce clients to online readings, they aren't enough for a comprehensive full-length life reading.

In fact, even if the client chooses one of the cheapest psychics Nebula has in the database, the free credits will only be enough for a 5-10-minute session.

While this definitely is too little to explore every aspect of one's life, it's still enough to get a taste of online readings in general and the specific reading type and reader the client has chosen.

If the client has only a few questions they'd like to have answered, it might even be enough to resolve their most pressing problem.

Most importantly, Nebula's welcome bonus familiarizes first-time clients with the format of online readings over chat. It's quite different from the more traditional in-person readings, or even phone readings, which is why Nebula's decision to offer free minutes makes perfect sense.

Thanks to Nebula's transparent model, clients don't need to worry about being charged.

Once their free credits are over, the chat will end, and they won't have to spend anything on it. That's the beauty of free online psychic chat.

Although some people find the sudden interruption frustrating (which is what some of Nebula's reviews show), that's the only way to ensure that clients are not forced to pay for the reading services before consenting.

Are there any free psychic apps?

There are no completely free psychic apps, but a lot of psychic apps, including Nebula, offer some services for free. On top of the free credits for your first reading on Nebula, you can also get a free natal chart and daily horoscope on Nebula App.

About Nebula

Nebula offers psychic reading & astrology guidance for being happy in relationships. You can visit its site for psychic readings or download the mobile app, whatever seems more convenient for you. Chat readings are available on both, and there are no limitations in terms of the types of psychic and astrology guidance available.

Nebula is committed to improving the quality of online psychic reading services and making them more accessible for everyone in search of psychic advice and predictions about the future. Hence Nebula's decision to offer free live chat readings as an introduction to the industry of psychic readings.

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