Memfault and Golioth Partner to Bring Observability and Device Management to NXP™ Semiconductors Devices

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Memfault, provider of the first IoT reliability platform, and Golioth, a leading IoT device management platform, announced a partnership to give IoT developers the same composable tooling that cloud developers are accustomed to with modern data architectures. With this partnership, NXP™ Semiconductors developers can leverage a single, secure connection for instant access to data routing, core dump analysis, and observability for rapid time-to-market and improved IoT device performance.

Memfault’s IoT reliability platform is the preeminent diagnostics solution that improves connected device quality and accelerates product timelines, enabling teams to build more reliable and secure devices. Memfault helps developers proactively monitor devices, automatically detecting and remotely resolving issues before they impact users, making it a great complement to device management solutions. Golioth’s instant IoT cloud lets developers securely connect, capture, and route device data anywhere. With Golioth, developers can prototype connected sensors up to 30X faster, enabling IoT companies to scale their device fleet in minutes, not months.

With today’s announcement, Golioth will function as the control/application plane for secure, two-way messaging for developers’ application layer telemetry. Memfault extends the overall solution as the diagnostics plane, providing observability with crash analytics and core dump analysis. Integrating Golioth into embedded applications on NXP devices enables seamless access to both Golioth device management services and Memfault remote monitoring and debugging capabilities.

“Memfault and Golioth are committed to bringing best-in-class developer tools to firmware teams so they can ship better products faster,” said François Baldassari, CEO of Memfault. “Memfault’s powerful diagnostics solution can be deployed over the Golioth cloud at any point during the device lifecycle — in development or after deployment. By integrating best-of-breed cloud offerings, our partnership eliminates complexity, speeds up innovation, and gives developers tighter control over, and visibility into, connected devices at scale.”

“Golioth’s continued focus on solving one of the IoT’s biggest challenges — untangling the messy middle between hardware and the cloud — led us to Memfault and its unique ability to improve and accelerate IoT device development,” said Jonathan Beri, CEO of Golioth. “This partnership extends Golioth’s reach and helps us enable new use cases with faster product times and further establish Golioth as an essential partner in the IIoT.”

Memfault, Golioth, and NXP are all members of the Zephyr Project. The implementation between Memfault, Golioth, and NXP runs on Zephyr RTOS, making it easy to integrate seamlessly.

Learn more about the partnership and how to get started by joining our webinar on November 16, 2023. Sign up here.

About Memfault

Memfault is the leading IoT reliability platform that empowers teams to build robust devices with software at scale. Memfault applies device reliability engineering (DRE) techniques to transform the way developers build and operate IoT and edge devices. As IoT applications continue to grow in complexity, it is more important than ever for developers to integrate Memfault’s observability, debugging, and OTA update capabilities into their devices. Memfault was built to enable developers with a more scalable and sustainable process to accelerate go-to-market, de-risk product launches, cut product costs, and deliver overall higher-quality products. The company was founded by engineers with decades of experience from Fitbit, Oculus, and Pebble. Memfault is backed by Stripes, Uncork Capital, Partech, the 5G Innovation Lab, S28 Capital, and Y Combinator. To learn more, visit

About Golioth

Golioth was designed to simplify the complexities of IoT. More than just a platform, it acts as a crucial link in the IoT world. Whether you're starting with a prototype or launching a large-scale project, Golioth makes connecting hardware to the cloud easy. Founded in 2020 by CEO Jonathan Beri, Golioth's goal is to make IoT development smooth and user-friendly so you can build IoT your way. Golioth is proudly supported by Zetta Venture Partners, Blackhorn Ventures, Differential Ventures, MongoDB Ventures, and Lorimer Ventures. | Golioth on X (formerly Twitter) | Golioth on LinkedIn


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